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The Stephen King adaptation the Stephen King Easter eggs are as thus you get the twins from The Shining they show her home. Sure. I'm just oh my head down for these. Yep. The Overlook Hotel shows up the family including the dog from Cujo shows up. The car. Christine is a pole is a toy and toward the end. There's a Rita Hayworth picture not to mention the Pennywise theme theme park that shows up as kind of a big part in this adaptation and the portal that Jake's told to remember as his way back is titled and passworded 1408. You know, this is I just have to say it's my like least favorite kind of fan service where it's like we can list off a bunch of Stephen King things, but we don't give a flying my spark how they work in the universe or whether it matters. It's just like let's all celebrate the fact that these books exist. Please give me money for this bad adaptation. I did not I hate brainless fanservice. Yep. It's not the whole situation is not ideal. Yeah agreed wage. So Rumor Mill time. Yes, real-time remote sign there may or may not be more Dark Tower material coming from probably will be probably won't be he has said he'll never end the series and that really there's only nine hundred pages of Dark Tower overall. Yep. Is Dark Tower than there is of it, right? And and so he says there's not there's going to be more because he needs something to wrap up for the compilation novel that it should be he wants took a bunch of rewrites and it's like be a compilation novel with an ending. The rewrites will include a lot of stuff such as fixing the plot holes and writing himself out of the universe. Thank God he says and I quote there are too many King analogs here and man. Have we been talking about man? What yo they same age Grant you wisdom and they are right. It's only took him seventy-two years to come to the realization. Yeah, so I'm kind of excited for that. I'm hoping to see that we're going to have to do the Dark Tower rewrite as a episode because it's very very different. It was a whole Wikipedia page of just differences between the two books cannot bought it for now. We would like to thank Monica Chandler doing our posters Michaela Fishman for our graphic design Tony magistrala and Michael blue and our crack academic down towards This evening to have as a King foundation for I I just now lost it. I finally lost seem that Stephen Tabitha King foundation for their continued filmed them to feel the enthroned topic work. So one more time champ definitely King foundation for their continued. It work Bryant are mysterious archivist for keeping us abreast of really cool Stephen King stuff our patreon community all of you. We love you little kisses. I would like to thank you Phoenix my sweet Bible boy. I would like to thank you Stephen my curly Catholic cutie. And of course we would like to thank you dear listener for starting with us on a Dark Tower Journey. That's going to be a trip. We will see you next week with I believe our retrospective on the first episode we ever did we are revisiting Carrie. peace out sucker.

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