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In others what are the main issues is how apd's dealing with use of force also how new training is being put in place parallel news radio kkob we are into the third day of the public corruption trial of former state senator phil will greer go he's accused of selling a state on property in downtown santa fe in making fifty thousand dollars from that they too of the trial had lawyers disputing a key point that is expected to become a sticking point for the jury who was the driving force behind the sale of that state property back in two thousand fourteen prosecutors insist it was greer gopro shing the sale along but gril goes lawyer says it was a state energy minerals and natural resources department driving the sale that apartment had previously leased the property abilio county sheriff's office says the deputy james mcgrane roadside memorial in these mountains has been temporarily removed it'll be stored in chile wrote construction project a north highway fourteen is completed next spring deputy migraine was gunned down during a traffic stop into harris in march of two thousand six michael polish georgia is serving a life sentence in the grains murder naming rights between the city of grants new mexico in a european company coming to a head now a brewery in grants uses the route sixty six in its name alluding to the nation's famous highway of course but lodestar installed in liechtenstein owns the u s trademark four route sixty six fears now the albuquerque journal reports lodestar also owns the trademark for hot for the highways logo styles shield on the beer label their lawyer says load star filed the proper trademark requirements with officials in this country and is calling on lackey's brewery in grants to change its name lackey says they don't make a beer named after route sixty six unload starts route sixty six fear is actually brewed in wisconsin i'm in heart late for great deals visit your new mexico honda dealers today and i'm judith jenkins on ninety four point five fm and am seven seventy news radio kkob news radio kkob traffic in one minute.

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