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Arc in the war on it it is is also a victory for womanhood and it is a victory for all sexual assault survivors and moments ago governor wolf pennsylvania governor will also weighing in saying quote to use any level of celebrity and power to prey on women is unforgivable and deplorable and he says he hopes that this verdict some sort of level of comfort to victims of sexual assault across pennsylvania and the country in kristen johanson with us on reporter's roundup kristen thanks one of the metoo movement standardbearers the actor rose mcgowan tweeting this cosby is guilty i'm sorry if you loved ally is victims can now exhale thank you judge jury thank you society for waking up many seeing this trial is a test of how the cultural movement of metoo will translate into the courtroom again bill cosby guilty in montgomery county on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault you're listening to reporter's roundup the day how we were gonna do that night when she got home and we ended with i love you safe travels they were the last words michael reardon heard from his wife jennifer before she lost her life last week on south west flight thirteen eighty we're hearing from the boss at southwest airlines and update on the disaster that lead to death and the emergency landing at philadelphia international senior ios comments coming this morning on cnbc steve tower is with us on the roundup what's the latest on that blown jet engine did while the ntsb investigate southwest ceo gary kelly says the company moved up it's ultra sonic inspection scheduled checking for signs of metal fatigue in the engine fan blades so we're on a very exhilarated cycle compared to what had previously been done in the industry which is to look at engines and these fan blades roughly every eighteen months or every three thousand cycles a cycle typically includes an engine start take off and landing he says so far the airline has checked eighty percent of its fleet of seven hundred planes and file noting it's highly unusual to have the teak in the engine blades he says any suspect parts will be discarded and replaced kelly also went out of his way to single out south west competitors during those harrowing moments in the plane diverted and made that emergency landing we try to beat each other up every.

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