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Herm. Edwards is a name pops into your head. You're run through a wall. Forum is genuine. You know it's genuine but then there's certain guys that you say you know what maybe it doesn't seem to be as genuine but it's not disingenuous either and you're looking at you're looking at john. John has done a great job of having relationships cbs. He knows he knows the players. He has relationships with it so when you see him common. It's like oh man john. You might even be comfortable enough say oh that's coach j._j. He's one of those type of dudes. You can relate to them and i think as long as his stick is relatable to those guys and they win as long as they're winning running and he's relatable no question but i think you are missing my point. I haven't explained my point properly. Let me say working with al pacino is different than working with jim carey or chris rock or someone like that and so not all actors jill together and what i'm saying is when you're in a movie co starring antonio brown you manta come with a different acting sick because it just doesn't sell the same when antonio antonio brown is making a fool out of the entire organization and you're in front of cameras in front of your team acting like you toughest coaching the planet and we i put a foot up someone's rear and players. How about you put some a cream on a._b._c.'s feet. How about you a._b._c.'s show up and act like a professional professional it just all rings phony well look he's acting in this movie as you say but he's also producing it and he's directing it and and he and sometimes in movies it's well known that you get some diva actresses or actors but the movie needs to be made and it needs to be equality movie and you may not keep keep that actor around and bring that actor in for the next movie but you need them for this one so he's gonna do whatever he needs to do as the director and as producer to make sure it all works works and at the end of the day people are the product tremendous response in this accurate and that's what i saw last night from hard knocks again these coaches. She's have editing of and again he put out a hard knocks movie last night. Let me in the middle of all this chaos. I'm still jon. Gruden is when he was trying to convey to the audience and a lot of people ended up. People loved it. I just don't think the guys in that locker room. I think to his his defense. I've never met one coach from little league doc to the pros that treats everybody to say no and nor should we've all we've all been measured way differently by that talent and i'm gonna tell you right right now. It feels good when you're on top and a bs on top so he's going to get the benefit of the doubt because his accomplishments have called for him to be treated a certain type of away. I went to the washington redskins my rookie year and was around dion sanders d'oro green marco coleman bruce smith just to name a few martin carriers shots out to long beach poly and they were treated differently. Let me tell you some dion. Sanders wanted to work and do and when when we played the game but dion had allowance cheer heated lounge chair massage or indicate that was before they even became a thing and he had in in the meeting room. He had his own lamp meeting room and again. Everybody going to be treated differently wonderful point. You're accurate. I i'm not a thousand percent right on this and i may be wrong. Talk about this and eric. You may know better look. I just think a._b. Strips coach of his dignity in a way that i don't think lawrence taylor dion sanders under some of the other examples do i just think a._b..

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