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Before was calling about the second baseman. Look there are some. I mean, we didn't mention Ozzy Albee's before. So DJ LeMay us another one. I mean, you could put Dee Gordon there if you and been back and forth the outfield Mary field scooter Jeanette, I don't know if you mentioned him. But here's the point that catcher is much more valuable than second basis. I'm an simple as that you could talk about an numbers. So the rest of the second basement, and yeah, I mean Robertson Cano outside of the PD us is a hall of Famer nobody's arguing that. It's just you're getting a guy who has already put in his hall of fame resume. He's now thirty six at some point. May not be this year. Maybe it's not next year at some point. He is going to fall off. I mean, unless he continues to Jews did not get caught away. Barry Bonds, did the performance is going to fall off as you get older. Now, if he plays well for the next two years matter for the Mets, but anyway to his point about the lack of a second amazement, I can understand that you can't say that it's more valuable than catching. I mean, you've got gotta find a good catcher. There aren't any. You look at the list. There aren't any great catchers in major league baseball JT. Royal Muto is one he's under control. He's in his prime. You got to go out there and do whatever it takes again. Eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six we'll do some next off. If you want to get in some football do that as well before we say goodbye, five forty to warm up show, Jerry Recco. And Al dukes going to be nice to see those guys obviously before boomer and geo hit the airwaves. Let's get back to the calls. Eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six Tommy is in Manhattan. What's up, Tommy? Family. Lucinda personality hoping. We appreciate that drive off in your city. Here now. Tommy yeoman's work right there. Love it. I've been waiting and hoping. What helped Yankees antibiotics 'cause I'm only Yankee fan by heart food. The off season. You know, a inter League World Series. Yeah. So I was taking probably get blasted. Gary Sanchez and Bert. For. Now why you're in the ballpark? I don't think it's the worst trait ever heard. Now, they're not gonna do that the Mets Yankees won't make a trade of that magnitude, at least, I wouldn't think. So, but I think it's at least fair I mean, if the Mets are gonna treat Noah, Syndergaard, they should be getting somebody something back like Gary Sanchez, you take bird to boot you take a fire on him fills two positions right there catcher. And I basically Yankees get their young controllable as so on paper. Yes, it's fair trade. Tommy, I just don't think in reality. It would ever happen. They don't like to train especially that type of trade. I mean, it's one thing if you're trading fringe players, but in this particular case your trading. I mean, you know, you can't do that Yankees trading. Their star catcher who by the way. Gary Brian Cashman says Gary Sanchez not going to be available. I mean, Gary Sanchez is going to be there a catcher. So there was rumor floated out there, I think it was last week or so that maybe the Yanks look to acquire real Muto forty Sanchez, which by the way, I think would be an upgrade, I think the Yanks would be smart to do that. But I understand why you would have reservations about that. I'm saying these be smart to do that coming off a year where Sanchez hit under two hundred Sanchez was terrible. I mean, you know, about the past balls in the lack of defense, and that's always been the MO anyway. But he had a an extraordinary. Poor year or an extraordinarily poor year. And. Oh, as as I mentioned solid you be trading in for a veteran guy real Muto young catcher in his prime under control free copy. Here's an all-star himself d better defensive player by far you're going to lose a little bit offensively, but not much you lose power. But the eggs have enough. I think that'll be a great trade for the keys. But anyway, Sanchez Cashman shot that down Sanchez not going anywhere. Even for real Muto. But that bad Tommy, look you've been listening to the station a long time you've heard some awful traits. We've heard we've heard you're driving around listening to the station or whatever doing shows you hear them. All there are some brutal trades that people actually believe can happen. This one was not that bad. This was a good match on paper. Dan in Connecticut. What's up, Dan? Hey, how are you? I'm okay. What's up, Dan? I haven't ever heard you on the other side of the glass. Yeah. It's rare. I mean, this is now my third stint here. But it's been most of my time. Here has been behind the glass or on the other side, I should say, but it's an honor and pleasure to be back on this side. I wanna talk about playing catcher I'm pushing my dad played catcher for Columbia University. Way back when and he was the captain of the Columbia baseball team will raise the captain of the Columbia soccer team. I played catcher at Cornell. How do you go to Cornell after your dad wanted to Columbia? Well, he didn't like it. But of course, you know, what he always said this one thing to me if you play catcher year in every play, and it's absolutely true. It's absolutely true. If you play catcher, right? So the replay valuable position that's the point him assuming you're trying to make right? I mean, and the Mets have not had a good catcher in many many many years. I mean, if you go Gary Carter around we gotta get real motel. He's he's here. I think every position player. I'm sorry to interrupt. You every position player on our team is tradable. We don't have like all time all stars. You know, Conforto isn't one just get real mode. And and I'll listen to your opinion. How far back did your dad? Go. Did he did he play with Garrick? He he fought in World War Two twice decorated. World War, Two purple heart. Yeah, I'm just trying to think of the years in my head. I know Lou Gehrig, obviously was a Columbia grad. And then you said your dad, your sixty. So I'm assuming they know. No, no. He's not quite that. Yeah. He was he was the backstop. He was the backstop. He's got a good baseball program. Anyway. I I gotta tell you something he's been gone a long time. Like, I said, I'm pushing sixty but I miss him every day. I'm sure you do. I don't think that's anything over thanks for the call. Dan. You just somehow have to learn to live with it. But on a brighter note. Let's transition a JT Muto. Look, I think. Yeah. I think it's important for the Mets to go out and get them. I think the Mets need to do. I don't wanna say whatever it takes because I don't think you should ever be put in a scenario where your overextending yourself. I don't think I would give up Conforto. No, should they have to real Muto could be gotten more should be able to be gotten four zero enema if not just one maybe is Rosario, plus lower level arms or something like that. What was the Mets traded another prospect along with Dario, then you can hold on a nemo if you could get real Muto with only giving up one of those guys that then it's a no brainer. Then you have to do it. The question becomes would you give up resort real enema? I don't think you give up Conforto. But if you could give up Nimmo and a couple of prospects. Maybe I don't know if you want to give him up or not. But or Jimenez for that matter, maybe you do that. Maybe you rather do that. Then give up Rosario. But if if it came down to it, I think the Mets got to do whatever it takes to get real just said, I wasn't going to say that. I hate myself. The Mets got do close to whatever it takes to get real Muto. If it means Rosario nemo that you do Jack in queens. What's up, Jack? Hello, sal. Hello, jack. So I'd like to know the fans the people in the stands the fan reaction. The first time canal hits the slow ground at a second love to first base. No, you know, what they'll be doing? They'll be calling summers or my whatever and boomer and geo and ribbit them to shreds now. And what's that watch make to make me believe that canot all of a sudden what start hustling if a career of not he's not he's not gonna he's a hustler? I mean that's not as game. Will you hope is that he hits three twenty and it's twenty five homers jobs in ninety to one hundred runs. That's what you hope forget about the hustle part. Well, I mean, Pete Rose just a hassle to first base. I understand that. But I mean Robinson does not Pete Rose last Jack you quite the opposite in re in regards to hustling. Well, I just hope. This works out. Because Jack, here's a point. I'm thinking Canova's damaged goods will that's a better argument than the lack of hustle look says, but it's doesn't hustle either. All the time, but he was an impact player when healthy for the Mets. He took him to the World Series in two thousand fifteen. You need to hustle to be a good baseball player. Would you prefer somebody to hustle? Sure. You would. But damaged goods is a different story. A guy who's had his best years ago was coming off an eighty game PD suspension. Yeah. Those are big problems. Thirty six years of age has his whole fame resume in the books. Eighty game suspension last year. No D H to get him some rest, those to me would be alarming factors, and then you throw on top of it likes to party. The nightlife in New York City. That's why missed it here in the first place. You should have never left all those things. I would just I have reservations, I'm not sitting here saying, oh, you know, why Robby can oh baby. Pencil, man. Best second baseman in baseball. Three hundred twenty five to thirty homers hundred rabies why not salaries donate every other year? Doesn't mean he's going to do it. Again, Pat in the Bronx what's up at. Hey, thanks for me companies out. No, thank you for keeping your work on this. And why you're very knowledgeable. Thank you, Pat. Now as far as Canoas concerned that we've had people come up PD suspensions on perform. I mean, eras an example. I mean, he didn't perform to the level. He did when he was performed into as far as didn't. He. I have to go back and check look a numbers. But he was not the same player that he was look eight rob was on the Jews probably the majority of his career. Right. And then with those guys how do you know, what's real? How do you know? What's not? I don't know the answer to it. Maybe he was using. And he just didn't get caught. I'm not I don't know one hundred percent by the time. You got a year suspension? They were testing him pretty regularly. I honestly don't know there's supposed to be random, aren't they? Where they're supposed to be random. But I mean, you know, snip not not with a, wink, wink. You know? Here's what I do know. And tell me if you disagree with this or not that baseball players really any athletes for that matter as they get older, especially after the age of thirty five their performance generally goes on the decline is that fair to say. That's fair. But we have had baseball players perform, you know, Nolan. Ryan was really working hard in his mid forty different to with a pitcher though, when you're comparing and you're right Nolan Ryan's a great example. But it's a little different with a pitcher. If you look to me like in my lifetime. There was a period, you know, the two thousand there was a period where guys were getting monster contracts and each thirty seven thirty eight thirty I mean guys are playing well and those were getting better with age because of the Jews where the Yankees will have to deal with that with Stanton, multi. Here's a-rod a-rod in two thousand eight at the age of where we look in here for the age.

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