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Like a western set in space are taciturn hero turns over his bounties in a dive bar more than a little reminiscent of the most I actually cantina that's where Han solo once gunned down a different bounty hunter in the very first Star Wars movie when the Mandalorian gets paid by character played by former rocky stark car weathers there's a problem did you catch them all is credits they still spending I don't know if you heard but the empire is gone scenes like these struck information in small bursts here we learn the show was set when the empire Sir by Darth Vader is no more but before the rise of the bad guys in the recent Star Wars movies the first order Mandalorians our special warrior race like the original bounty hunter character in Star Wars lore Boba Fett unlike many of the old movies Disney pluses the Mandalorian as a taut drama with story mostly told in action creator John Fabbro doesn't weigh down his plots with arcane politics awkward romance the story is set in motion when our hero takes a well paying job and meets a little character it's a ground breaking moment which could lead anywhere some of Disney pluses other shows are a bit more pedestrian including an unscripted series hosted by Kristen bell called encore these adults will get to reprise the roles of their youth because the nineteen ninety six sandy high school cast of anti is reuniting for.

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