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Leads to what went on in Cambodia and other totalitarian society. Microsoft replaced. It's human journalists with robots, and so now on the Microsoft new site. they. They they took they ran a story about the singer. Jade third third walls, personal reflections on racism. If you don't know, jade fell wall. She's one of the new fellows, not like Randy Backman. As, she belongs to the mixed race band little mix. And Jade Tho- wall gave some reflections on racism to MSN DOT COM which is Microsoft's new site. And they illustrated it with a picture of her fellow band member Leigh. Anne. Pinnock and she's furious show she posted on instagram. If you're going to copy and paste articles from a meteorite that she might WanNa show, you're using an image of the correct mixed race members of the group. This is artificial intelligence. It's so primitive Microsoft's. Intelligence is so primitive, the just like actual human racists. All Black People look alike to the artificial intelligence robots. Can you believe that Microsoft have actually loose racist robots upon the planet? That's how bad it's getting artificial intelligence just as racist as the old kind of intelligence. Now you may have heard this was news. I mentioned yesterday. The WHO the World Health Organization. That's China's lapdog. They issued a statement yesterday that a symptomatic spread of corona virus is very rare in other words. If you you walk back through the last three months have a complete waste of the time. They locked us down on the basis that a symptomatic people could spread corona virus, and so you couldn't just quarantine. The sick people had to quarantine everybody, so they had to Tang the global economy. And ruin their lives and put tens of millions of people out of work, and make everybody broke and close all the restaurants and close all the shops, because as symptomatic people could be spreaders of the covid nineteen. and then yesterday Maria Van Kurkova. who is the the haunt chet when it comes to the corona virus, so we're not talking about that communist goon from Ethiopia who heads the organization and is China's guy there that. Ghastly Dr. Ted Ross fellow Beijing Bulb. We're talking about one of the actual experts there. A WHO in fact is America? I believe Maria van Kerckhove Dutch name, but I think she's a US citizen. And, she said that the is asymmetric spirit. Corona virus is very rare. There's very little evidence that anybody. A symptomatic has ever given this thing to anybody else. In other words. We Tang the global economy for nothing, and we destroyed people's lives. Fa nothing for these last three months now she's issued a clarification. Saying that there have been some misunderstandings. And she was relying on two or three studies, and that she regrets using the phrase of very rare and she now says that some models could show as much as forty percent of transmission. so the lockdown on again because no one knows nothing, this is being the the biggest failure of public health expertise in Saas the WHO behaved appallingly, but the CDC the Centers for Disease Control, which is American behaved rather well giving the SARS epidemic damage. They both destroyed their brands completely during this thing, she was also saying that clarifying a distinction, she made between truly a symptomatic people and people who might be pre symptomatic. How'd you know your pre symptomatic I mean. Son Things are sutton in the sense that I'm technically alive right now, but I'm pre dead. But. How do you know your pre symptomatic? no-one knows anything. She announced that a symptomatic people couldn't didn't generally transmit the disease yesterday. She's walking back today. This organization is a joke and trump is right to call it a joke. If you WANNA know I, said at the top of the show top of the hour that the one thing it turns out the one thing that clears up cove in nineteen, eliminates a global pandemic. Is Race riots and I don't just mean in the United States because these things are gone all over the planet as said they taken down king. Leopold statue in Antwerp in Belgium that they took down. The mall tore down a statue. In Bristol England and tossed it into the river Avon, these things going on all over the planet, and mysteriously turns out the wherever you are on the planet. The one thing that Claes up. covid nineteen. You'll be feeling right as rain. You've been on under the weather that a bit of coffee a bit bit wheezy. never race right? You'll feel great, and as the city of Dallas is just declared. If you go out and riot you'll be at greater risk of Covid nineteen, but because you you entitled to the Federally. Subsidized covert test. It's all rubbish. The same experts who tell us that we had to I. It's unsafe to go to a hairdresser. It's unsafe to go to a nail salon now. Tell us it's perfectly safe to go and down a police station in Minneapolis, the same public health. As Rush noted on Friday Sarah, Isaac, Newton. The fellow who? Developed the three laws of motion? The apple fell on his head. Some Isaac Newton. Coming up for auction is his proposed treatment for the plague. This is not covid nineteen. It's the old school black death. He, said won't kiss. The black death is towed vomit lozenges. He's got a two page recipe for it I. You need towed? And you have to suspend the towed by its legs. This is the recipe spot on the rush. Limbaugh show. It's a new regular feature, so we're doing. It, today, you suspend a toad bites legs in chimney free days until it vomits earth with various insects in it. You have to catch the vomit on a dish of yellow wax. When the tow dies, you grind the body into powder. Mix it with the vomit, and then make it into lozenges, and this will drive away the contagion and draw out the poison. This is an Isis Newton. He's a great Guy Law of gravity, and all the rest of it and he's come up with this recipe of toad vomit lozenges. as a way to treat the black deal. He did this in sixteen, sixty seven. His notes are now coming up at auction at Sotheby's in Portsmouth in England and the bidding is currently at sixty five thousand dollars, and I don't know I. I'm to the best of my knowledge. I've never had a toad vomit lozenge. But right now I would bet on that rather than any of the advice. Coming out of the World Health Organization or the CDC. No one knows nothing. It's quite extraordinary three months into this thing. Oh! It's on surface his own. No, it's not on surfaces. You don't need to wear a mask. ooh, it's a crime now. If you go out without a mosque, oh, don't worry. Symptomatic people the the ones who were the reason. We all had to be locked up for the last three months now we found that we finally found out after Fremont's of you being a in house. Arrest that in fact, a cinematic people don't translate Oh. Did we say that oh? It's twenty four hours later on well now turning on a dime and reversing that stick with the toad vomit lozenges. Folks..

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