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Everybody welcome. Our number three of the rich Eisen show. We've got a fun, a fun hour store. Stay tuned for all of it. Just had a great chat and backstage with dancing with the stars, John Schneider, okay, musician and actor. John Schneider, not Seattle Seahawks. General manager, John Schneider. Got it. Okay. Got it. So we can't ask them about Earl Thomas or no, please? No, no, no question. No, Pete Carroll question. Russell wilson. Questions of of of actor musician dancing with the stars, John Schneider, just not hyper specific on Seattle, correct. Okay. Well, I mean, I don't know. We'll come. You know what I mean? We'll talk. We'll talk. It's fair. He has moved ES, moved on dancing with the stars. He didn't even have to dance last night. That's right. Nikki Glaser got the boot. Is that right? Yes, she's I out damn what's Kenny Mayne I out one year. That's part of the was rich Jefford jeffer- office. I, it's and you should do dancing. You should ask you people. I like to do everything lease. Please doing all that. And being I out I out it's it's not an, it's not like, you know, your fantasy league where you get some sort of prize for being last right now you're out, you know, you get the humiliation began. On national television but come on for playing compete like say, you've got the one up on Kenny Mayne. Now, Dan, you. You're not. You look at me. Talking my line. Yes or no, you talking my language now. There's not. I just want you to do to rich and this just in for the radio audience too. When you John Schneider comes out here. We're both wearing mov. Oh, this is this is Jeff garland. Favorite sweater always loves it. When he when he comes on, he loves my sweater. He loves my mom sweater, and then there's mauve and then there's mauve. Drop goes. Leonard drop will never get old and we're and we're and we're playing it a lot. Okay. So you have a news update over there, Chris, lots news. Let's get over. Get over to you soon. Brockman.

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