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They won't overcome it like they did last season. This is a team that overachieved big time by the alternate standings metrics. So I do lean over eighty six and a half year a little bit but again. This team is just way too. Top heavy to fully consider from a season win total standpoint. How about the Detroit? Tigers fifty six and a half this win total for the Tigers. And I'M GONNA go ahead say it right up front here. This is the worst team in baseball. This team is worse than the Baltimore. Orioles this team is worse than the Seattle Mariners. This team is worse than the Miami. Marlins this is the worst team in baseball for THIS SEASON. So if anything. I'm going under the Season Win. Total here for the Tigers with that being said the second half for the Tigers could be a lot more fun than the first half in the minor leagues. You've got Casey Mayes you've got matt. Manning's they top twenty five top fifty. Mlb Prospect depending on where you look. You've got joey wins. You'VE GOT ALEX. Fado you've got some guys that are coming up through the system that will be pitching upgrades for this. Detroit Tiger. Steve. The problem is this. Offense is awful in capital letters. Awful now they did make some interesting moves coming into the season they brought in some one year rental guys in fact. We saw a lot of bad teams. Do this. The Tigers have done this. The marlins have done this. The giants have signed every platoon bat under the Sun. Bad teams are smart about this because with the uncertainty of what will happen with the next. Cba A lot of these teams probably won't be competitors in the free agent market and they really have no reason to be so what you do. Is You try to get these. Low risk. Lower cost one year rental guys and then spend them at the trade deadline to get some prospects so Detroit could be very active at the trade deadline here with guys like cj krone with guys like Jonathan Scope. Maybe they decided to move on from a guy like Matthew Boyd. The problem that I have is that krone and scope are two guys that derive just about all of their offense of value from hitting for power well chimerical parks the worst offense of ballparks in Major League Baseball. The outfield is expensive. The centerfield wall is very deep. The angles in left right center field are very deep. Because the outfield walls destroyed a complete. Slant it's not one of those ballparks. You've got little cut outs and stuff like that. The walls are slanted toward that deep center. Field to the Tigers. Offensive Ballpark is very low for a park factor standpoint. So this is a bad offense already. That doesn't score at home. The problem last year is that they didn't score on the road either. I believe they scored twelve or eighteen. More runs on the road something like that. They scored at home which is really problematic because scoring at home is very difficult to do. So guys like krone guys like scope it. They brought in four some extra power potential. Well they're not gonna hit for power at home. Maybe they hit for power on the road but they won't hit America Park so those guys were I think they're trade. Values are capped a little bit but in the second half the Tigers if they graduate. Some of these pitching guys could be good. I five under candidates maybe full game under candidates stuff like that. Now that boy do I mentioned could be traded here at the trade deadline in July. A three Oh one woven weighted on base average against in the first half eight three forty four Wilda against in the second half is strike percentage fell his whole run rate. Went up and in fact. This whole run numbers were worse at home which is concerning to be going into the next season here. He treated candidate. I don't know how good he'll be. And this tigers team does not heavy good bullpen. Either now there's one guy. I do like on this team and that Spencer turntable and last year Spencer Turnbull only had three wins of the thirty starts that he made but the stuff is pretty good. The whole run rates are okay if he lowers the walk rate he may be the only guy that I wind up backing here throughout the season with the Detroit Tigers. Even Matt Boyd is a guy that I'm probably going to look to stay away from what this tigers team again. In the second half could look a lot different as some of their minor league garments graduate up to the big leagues but all year long. This offense will be bad. This pitching staff will be pretty poor. The bullpen will be very bad. The only thing I could do with this team is look at the under fifty six and a half but again you're talking about a very low win total and I talked about that degrees of awful consideration that I have in my season. Wintel guide where there's not a whole lot of equity in betting on how bad at team will be. They're going to be bad. How bad will they be? Well I don't know. Do they? Completely quit in the second half did they quit. And September simulate that let's go to lower the projection for that team but I don't know that. So the Tigers I think will be the worst team in baseball under fifty six and a half but in the second half they could have some exciting young starters graduating to the big leagues. The Kansas City royals here. Sixty five and a half. Is Their season win? Total looks like another long ear there at Kauffman Stadium but I will say this. The lineup could be really fun for his solar elite contact metrics last season. I'm talking like ninety nine. Th percentile exit velocity and hard. Hit percentage hit. What forty eight forty nine home runs? Big Hole run spike for him. This looks sustainable to me. When you look at guys that may be heavy. Big Increase Year over year at home runs. Maybe it was just one of those things but a lot of times it's launch angle change like it was with KC Marseille off. Forty years on a diamondbacks. Maybe it's just elite contact quality and or his Solaire has that has that elite contact quality hits the ball violently hard makes quality contact when he makes contact. So that helps in the middle of this lineup and the top of this lineup is pretty good. Whitmer FIELD GETS ON BASE TON. They call him to hit wit for a reason because it feels like he has two hits and every game that he plays. That's a guy that I think could get a little bit more aggressive on the basepaths this season as well last year his stolen base numbers were down a little bit if he gets on base. If the same Ori- higher clip this season. I would expect him to run a little bit more simply with that'll bertone Monte coming off of some major injuries last year very exciting player extremely exciting player. He makes things happen. The problem is he doesn't get on base very much but he hits for a little bit of power steals a loaf bags pretty good shortstop as well very exciting player. A guy that could really help the ceiling for this Kansas City royals team for this season. Hundred dodgers coming off of a five year cal Franko from the phillies. He's bounced back candidate. Franco's a guy that a few years ago hit you know. Twenty five thirty home runs out of high. On base percentage guy but hits for a little bit of power. The Kansas City royals lineup could be pretty good. The Kansas City royals pitching staff will not be any jake. Judas allows taught to home runs. Did the same thing two years ago that he did last year. Not Good not good. Come in from Jake Julius. And He's primarily a to pitch pitcher which makes things a lot easier for the opposition. Brad Keller high grown bog. I saw strikeouts spike in the second half but also saw a drop in command. He's not a guy that's high on my list for this season and the other thing. That's not high on my list here. Is the royals get Salvador Perez? Back there is a massive enormous Canyon esque difference of opinion between what Kansas City royals fans think of Salvador Perez. And what everybody else thinks of Salvador Perez? He is a bad baseball player. Is Okay at throwing out runners. He's pretty good at throwing out runners. That's really the only attribute that he has hits for a little bit of power but he's a low on base percentage guy poor contact quality. Otherwise and he's been a bottom five catcher in framing runs over the last several seasons. Salvador Perez does not help this pitching staff. I WanNa make that very clear. I don't have anything against the guy. Personally he's just not a good baseball player and people think that he is for some reason and I don't know why he won't help this pitching staff. He will not steal strikes for these bad pitchers. And when you look at the splits going from a one to count to a two and one count there are substantial man if you can steal strikes. It goes a long way if you go from one to two a strike out or wanted to to to do. It is dramatically different. Even a first pitch strike from a first pitch ball is dramatically different. You want a guy that can frame for you. One guy that can steal those strikes seminar. Peres can't do it another thing. That worries me here about the royals is Mike. Metheny like Mathie goes from being the manager of the St Louis. Cardinals inheriting a very good team from Tony. Larussa to inheriting this royal steam and there are pieces to build around for Kansas City. Don't get me wrong. But the Fini goes from managing a proven commodity suet team and. I don't think Mike Metheny is a very good manager anyway so I don't like this fit. I don't like this pitching staff the best reliever Ian Kennedy. We'll be traded throughout the season. Because he's an impending free agent and it was actually pretty good as a closer last year so he will be traded. The offense could be fun but nothing else. We'll be fun about this. Royal Steam under sixty five and a half as the only way that I could look here. Not a bet for me. At this time they could be a team where we bet some overs on a game by game level throughout the course of the season by under their season went to the only way I could look because they're probably going to have some trade pieces here once they get to the month of July. Finally the Minnesota Twins Season Win total ninety two and a half for the reigning Ale Central Division champions. And I will tell you this. This is on my shortlist of win totals Tibet. I do like the over here with the twins. This line is too low but I'm waiting for spring training to play out because this is a team that does not have great depth..

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