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The North Carolina Innocence Commission. What is it? How did it start? How has it been successful coming up next And now, the Supreme Court has said unanimously. What was wrong Fact based, you believe at the time doesn't necessarily job. What The actual law is reasonable, informative. Now, if you taken facts, and you think about them, and you don't jump to a instant opinion, you're the outlaw and now outlaw lawyer here with Josh Whittaker. Welcome to the outlaw lawyer. My name is Josh Whitaker. I am a partner with the law firm of would occur and hammer. I am here today with my co host, Joe Hammer. Joe, welcome. Thanks for having me Josh Joe is also a partner. He is the other part of Whitaker and Hammer. He is the hammer. So we are both partners with political and hammer. Whitaker Hammer is a law firm here in the area. We have five offices in Raleigh, Garner. Clayton Goldsborough. And fickle Verena. We have many attorneys, and we can help you with most of your legal issues. Um, if you have a question for one of our attorneys, or you have a question for The show. You can always reach us at 1 806 59 11 86. That's 1 806 59 11 86. That phone number is set up to take your message for either the show or for the law firm. Um so feel free to use that and we also have an email address. So if you have any questions or concerns for the show, or for one of our attorneys, you can get us at questions. That's plural. Questions at the outlaw lawyer dot com Questions at the outlaw lawyer dot com. So if you have any questions or comments for us, please send those over we'd love to hear from you would love to be able to answer Any questions or comments you may have on on the air, But today we're going to spend some time talking about something That's been in the news a lot over the past couple of years, and that's the North Carolina Innocence Commission. Yeah. North Carolina Innocence Commission. Um, so yeah, Like like, Josh said. We're attorneys with the law firm of Whittaker and Hammer. Um and and that's what we do. That's our day. Job is being attorneys and We were here on the outlaw lawyer again, Always to just discuss that intersection of really everything with the law and kind of taking a look at how the legal world intersects with Pretty much every other facet of society and to and to talk about current events. Current news things like that. Um, and, uh, so yeah, but we are attorneys by trade. And so we do do a good bit of talking about our practice and things like that, and again. The purpose of the show is not to give you guys legal advice. It's more or less to look at things from that. Legal analytical perspective and discuss things and the manner that a lawyer would look at them from kind of that neutral, neutral viewpoint, without really giving our opinions just kind of a fact based discussion. But again we are attorneys with the law firm of wood, a current hammer. Um and so we do from time to time talk about you know what we do and and how important it is to any time you need an attorney to reach out to an attorney, and how important important that Experiences when you're choosing an attorney, and when you're shopping for a professional or fiduciary, right? Yeah, that's a good point. You know, one of the things I I told someone is it was never my goal to come out and get business by being The cheapest attorney in in town. You know, we don't have to be the most expensive attorneys. But the point of that is that price fee is not always the most important thing when you're shopping for an attorney or a financial planner or CPA when you're looking for a professional to give you advice. You need to referrals, you know, reviews advice from people, you know recommendations from people. You know, I always want to mention that the people cause we have a lot of people who call the law firm. And they just want to know a flat fee for something and attorneys. We have problems a lot of times with flat feet, because when you call us and say, Hey, I need someone to do blank. Well, we don't know what you got going on. We don't know how many people are involved. Don't know if we have to go back and fix something. We don't know where you're at. And so attorneys quoting flat fees, that's that always concerns me, because, uh, there's not many transactional scenarios where you can just very confidently quote a flat fee, and we've had people do that and not hire us because someone else quoted are really, really low fee and just be careful. It money is important. We're not we don't we're not unlimited financially. Um, So we all have to be mindful of what we're spending on legal fees and professional fees, But that's something that comes up. That's something my dad told me a long time ago that that's not how you pick your professional. The cheapest that's true. Yes, don't don't bargain shop for your attorney. I like to think we do a great job of balancing, you know, a reasonable cost with a lot of years of experience. Collectively, you know one thing. I think it's important to look for when you are shopping for a professional or looking for someone to help you with. An important legal matter or really anything that's of a serious nature like that is, um, you know if you're looking for someone local look at how long they've been around in the community. And if you've got to Company or an individual That's been around for a long time in the local community. Um, you know, 10 15 years in our case you usually That's a good indicator that that these people are doing quality work for the people in their community that they've been able to stick around for that long and you know, continue to grow and build their business in that way. And so I've, you know, Joseph building on that I've been in there I was born and raised in Riley. I'm out in the 276 or three area code kind of between Riley Garner and fickle and that's where I've spent. You know, my my 44 years. Uh, It's kind of in those communities and, uh, yeah, I think that's important. I know when I'm looking for somebody when I'm looking for a professional, I wanna know where they're where they're from. How long they've been around. You know things like that. So I know you've spent you spend most of your time in our Clayton office in your You're born and raised down there, born and raised in Clayton spent my just love the place can get away from it Wouldn't wouldn't want to get away from it. So, Yeah, we've We, Uh, we've been very lucky to be in Clayton. You know, I've spent the entirety of my practice and Clayton as well and we've been fortunate enough to grow and We've outgrown a couple of space is currently located right on Main Street, 14 North Fayetteville Street and a very, very old historic building. Look for us right beside Boulevard Coffee shop. It was the Clayton office. What is that? The 2nd 3rd, there's oldest building in Clayton..

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