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But it's growing the number of plays bass dude. This is a you know what i was. One of my mentors told me. He said he asked his rhetorical question. He said there are a lot of books that are out there a lot of strategy books and then he asked this question he said. Is there a better strategy than the holy spirit and how that there really is in this kind of funny that you said that because that reminds me of him so yet i get that idea one day one morning. I say you know what i'm going to go with it. And it has turned out to be like every single other idea that god has given me his turned out to be a phenomenal ibn. I'm just horrible humbled. And i'm honored about all the people bit our fans that people that are followers. The people that say you know at vernon man. I've been so enriched and i've been so just elevated from your work. That's very humbling. Anna's very amid grateful for that. Let me say that. Because sometimes it's a little surreal to remind myself that you're like people follow you at tosa by either day. I said i had to remind myself that. Have quite a few people on twitter in low bid on instagram. To of quite a few people and they're just waiting to see what i'm going to say and the best little humbling but after remind myself of that. 'cause i just get busy in what i get busy and just exactly what's on my shirts. I get busy. With what believing studying hustling manifesting. In repeating. i stopped. I really think about that process. And that's a very good thing. Man appreciate you being a believer. Someone is focused in who has their seed in. I'd environment s inspiring to someone like myself as i go every day to make sure my seed is in the right place so keep doing what. You're doing approve. You know what i'm gonna tell you. This is that the honor the privilege and a pleasure is all mine. You're doing great work. You're doing phenomenal work. You're just and what can i say other than coach. You're the bomb right. And that was just a little joke folks. Don't go to bomb dot com. Don't do that. I don't wanna be responsible for. Somebody says there's some crazy stuff. They came on my computer. Whatever but i do wanna say they're so in all seriousness your an influence or my man. You really are and More than you probably even see yourself as being and it's just an honor to be in your space and to learn from you until are with you man a really is humbled by their. It will thank. You managed to keep that in mind. I need a job reference. One day i will tell you this my man if you listen to me clear is what i'm gonna tell you first of all you don't even need to ask permission you can go ahead and list me okay and then once you list me. I'm we'll go ahead and ask you want me to tell the folks. Because what. I what i'm going to ask them at the end at the end of the interview of the phone call reference. I have one last question for you. And i know i did this one time and it just freaked me out and she asked me she said yeah shurmur short will the one question you have and this is a great place. Get where you're gonna laugh on this one folks because it was a little unorthodox. But i asked her. I said the last question. I have for you. Ma'am simply why have you not hired this person. She was kinda choose. Take him back a little bit and she and she started on chuckling or laughing. But i said that. That was a little bit of an attempt at humor. Pretty decent one i think. But what it really was communicating was. What ma'am you gotta a legit candidate before you. And if you don't take this candidate. I assure you ma'am someone else. Will somebody else will. Yeah because what we experience in education is similar to what is experienced in other sectors. And i say it. This way is somebody who's been on the other side of that job for table in so many different places in so many different venues over the years when you're on the other side of that job for table when you're at a campus in you have vacancies to fill you. Want the best talent and it doesn't just mean people that have the best credentials are. What have you on paper were looking for. That are legit people. I'm looking for people that know how to connect with kids. They know how to be the seal that we think all educators should have and should be and should know about but don't they should have that in addition to all the credentials in the other. Things i say this to those folks that are out there having their credentials as good. That's important you need to have those things. Obviously for the different states in particularly here in the state of texas. But i will say this to you. Folks talent in really legit good. Talent is part of what is important. What makes someone a game changer. But again if you want all of the steps to becoming a game changer. Go to shape the right vision dot com or is simply go to link tree. The coach is going to put in the and the article. Mr right Coming on a show my brother and thank you again for coming on the pleasure. The honor and the privilege is all mine. And i will tell you folks enjoy be blessed and what a blessing it is from me to you to be in your space and to learn from you. Time for flip tips. Today's flip is brought to you by my homegirl terry porter and her blog on medium dot com and entitled your flipboard magazine covered as a front door. The cover of your flipboard magazine is a way into your content to just like someone selling a home wants pretty front door to encourage people coming inside of their house and look around. You wanna compelling flipboard magazine. Cover that will have people flipping your content. The cover is a focal point of your magazine and just like the first five minutes of a good lesson and engaging flipboard magazine cover is your hook you can read more about terry's article on her blog on medium dot com and flip also into our flipboard. Edu podcast magazine. Thanks flip more. Edu podcast is a great resource for teachers. Students and administrators flipboard fan. Thanks for listening with me on this episode. I also would like to thank vernon right for sharing his passion for leadership in the post covid. Nineteen i wanna thank crystal vander boom in alien lower for the editorials on flipboard educators. I would also like to thank everyone at flipboard for allowing me to fifty episodes that are listened to in seventeen countries. Thank you for creating a great tool for us. All to use collaborate remember to subscribe to a flipboard. Edu magazine on flipboard dot com. Follow our podcast on all major platforms in sheriff podcast with an educator or colleague. 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