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Them to build up some crazy narrative of intrigue and murder. Or you can rely on common sense because people who fly often on small planes are more likely to die on small planes. There's no grand conspiracy here. No Illuminati plot cooked up in the basement of a little Caesars. Now that doesn't mean conspiracies never exist. They do Plots are hat and people are killed all the time. And let me ask you. The claims were investigating the claims made by Jerry Paisley, a mobster, a murderer, a bomber that he and Peggy Baggage played a role in the disappearance of Congressman Nick Beg It. Are they really so crazy? That they didn't warrant a legitimate investigation? I don't think so. Because when you boil it down when you remove the words mobster and congressmen and bomb what do you get? You get a claim made by a man that he played a role in the death of his second wife's first husband, and that she did, too. Typically, that's the type of claim investigators and reporters take very seriously. Typically But in this case they didn't the FBI never even interviewed Peggy not once, and the Alaska News media never reported the story. It's not hyperbolic. Then, in my opinion, to say that if I didn't ask hard questions, nobody would That's why I had to go back to Alaska. There's on ly so much you can do from afar. I needed to be on the ground. So I was grateful to touch down on October 9th 2019 at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, the airport name for a man who died in a plane crash. For my heart media. This is missing in Alaska, the story of two congressmen who vanished in 1972. And my quest to figure out what happened to them. I'm your host John Wall, Zack. I want to talk for a minute about bodies. Specifically, the importance of recovering physical remains in the wake of tragedies. No matter how someone dies when you lose a loved one If you lack a body, you're denied some sense of finality. This is something. Hale Boggs daughter Cokie Roberts discussed multiple times before she died. How she knew her dad was dead. But without a body, she still imagine him just walking in the door one day. On October 8 2019 only 24 hours before I landed in Anchorage, A man named Brian Steven Smith was arrested at the airport for murder. But it wasn't a body that led to his arrest. It was a memory card. On the card and SD card, which someone found on a downtown street were photos and videos of a man strangling a woman to death and laughing while he did it. Four days later, While in Anchorage, I awoke to another violent video. This one streamed to the world from my city, New Orleans, where a hotel under construction partially collapsed into the street. Spewing up a dust cloud reminiscent of 9 11 and killing three men. Amazingly, as of this recording eight months later, the bodies of two of those men are still stuck in the wreckage. Both of these events, the SD card murder and the hotel collapse are tragic. Both killed people. But in one case, a body was recovered. The remains of Kathleen Joe Henry, the SD card victim were found on the side of a highway. In the other two families are still waiting to bury.

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