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This is relationships in revenue. The show were real answers. Come from real discussions about what holds men back in their relationships at home and work. A better bottom line at work means improving life at home. This, show is all about helping. You become a better entrepreneur and a better man. ALL RIGHT EVERYBODY! Welcome back to the show. So glad you decide to join us today. I have a fabulous guests with me, and her name is the awesome, these stupendous Marissa. Nielsen Marissa. How are you today? I'm stoked to be with you John Thanks for asking me. Thanks for allowing me to be with you and your listenership. Absolutely well again. We're thrilled to have you with us and for listeners. If you don't know whom Orissa is, let me just give you a few of her accolades. Are you ready for this having my? Handy Dandy, little hand here, everyone. Marissa's happens. Be a coach. She is a speaker. She's a CEO of a seven figure financial firm. She is a podcast. Hershey's clearly an entrepreneur, but she has one more title that I bet when I say it, she'll agree with me. It's the greatest title she holds mom. You BETCHA. You got it. That's right. Now the one of the things that Marissa's in her one of her many businesses. Is that she helps. People design their dream lives. So with that idea in mime, Orissa tell us a little bit more about you about. Your humble beginnings, which I haven't really shared with anybody yet and how you got to where you are today. Yeah so I am A. I'm a a farm kid from North Dakota so I grew up picking rocks. If you're a city kid, listening to this, this is when you go through the fields, and you pick out rocks so that it doesn't break the break the plow and break the break the machinery and the equipment. That's out there. I'm a I'm a kid of eight kids and I am the first one of the second batch. My mom I to us like batches of cookies, and then I wonder why I had a weight issue..

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