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Never shot a frame of action, the outdoors that are just brilliant philosophers that I can lean on now. And I don't want our magazine to look like anyone else is. And so, I have to go to these different spots on the internet. I'm also part of a thing called, the Psychedelic Clubhouse, which is really funny. It's like in San Francisco, who's doing a ton of research on psilocybin, which is really okay. Really cool. So sick. I think there's value in it. I do think there's value in clubhouse. It's just like home. I don't know. I feel like it's going to die out and the reason I feel like it's going to die out is because it's a social media but it's not a social media, right? Like it provides a lot of the same value that podcasts do in a sense that you can learn a lot of actually useful things from it. And you get to listen to experts and you get the kind of know people a little more but at the same time there's like you just said, like people are kind of trying to use it for their own benefit and it's very social media feels dirty almost to me and I'm like, I just I can't there's there's a lot of Bitcoin nft stuff on there. Yeah, which I think we're going to offer our first issue. We've never put it online. I think we're going to actually offer it as a with an nft certificate. What is an nft? What locate? So I don't know what an FTM I don't. I haven't looked it up. What does that mean? SpongeBob token but basically what it is like when your kid you go get a if you're me and your weirdo you're a Mets fan, you go get a ball song by Bill. Buckner read the ball. Go ask me his leg. Yeah. And what you get is a certificate of authenticity, of says, this is actually signed by Bill Buckner, right? And so, you know how long that certificate and the ball have more value than just the ball, right? Yeah. So an nft is basically a certificate that says that you own the original copy. Got it. And so what we would do is say, look, here's 194, it's the first issue back of mountain Gazette. And here, we're actually thinking about doing the, Adobe InDesign file and being like, here it is. You have it that person could in theory. Put 194 over the internet, I don't care, but we would actually sell the ownership of that first issue digitally to someone who would then own an nft. That would say that, like, hey, I own this movie, like owning an original piece of art vs are so interesting. I know I'm not that interested but I will say, my sister-in-law has made like a fuck ton of money off of Dogecoin. So, like, dude, I made some money recently to Adam X has made more money than not to put his shit out there, but he's made more money than me..

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