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Dick to fuck every male co-star. He's. And still says he's not gay. John. Not gonna come. Gilbert, Godfrey amazing colossal podcast is produced by Darah Godfried, and Frank Santa Padre with audio production by Frankfurt Arosa web, and social media's handled by Mike Patton, Greg perr, and John Bradley seals special audio contributions by John beach special things to John Fodio, John Murray, and Paul Rayburn. Everybody Chris gathered here, dungeons and dragons week, beautiful anonymous, not really just randomly two phone calls involve dungeons and dragons. So put him out in the same week and that makes it dungeons and dragons week, if you don't know beautiful, I do take phone calls I take our long phone calls with non stranger each week. And one of the episodes coming out this Friday, a skilled and experienced dungeon master happened to call in got through online. Let me on an hour long quest that episode of Friday may tenth ridiculous very silly. I love it. I will murder everyone in this village until I speak to the council. Most of the. Here bear come to you go around this time and start killing people until this council. That's me talk, say my piece. You, you send your giant grisly bear. Companion are watering people in the street again. Yes. Tuesday's episode, though episode one sixty two titled a hero's journey. It's really special out of very powerful conversation, somebody who had not slept in days. Occurred like nearly two days now, I just got back this morning from a like eight hour drive to go check on a friend of mine, who is aside last night. That's bad. I'm sorry. She like, is somebody. We played dungeons and dragons with last night was the first time I actually met her. Thinking about this conversation for weeks, so happy, I finally get to share it with you, her story really represents what I love about this podcast and the community that surrounds it. I hope you check it out. Subscribed to beautiful stories from anonymous people wherever you listen to podcasts..

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