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I also design things to minimize dishonesty. That is do what i can in the design of course in the design of my test to not allow those enticements to let them make the wrong choice but in the end i have to realize that i just can't stop cheating. I can't stop it entirely. And i need to consider where is my time and effort spent. Is it best. Spent in erecting all kinds of elaborate anti cheating strategies or as my time effort best spent in developing the learning activities and implementing the learning activities. That are going to help. My students succeed in coaching. My students in supporting my students. So yeah. I spent some time in designing things. I spent some times in monitoring things. But it's not a huge thing for me and as i said i. You know my students to open book open. Resource consult with whomever you like. When you do that. It started dissipates. The need tichy. There really aren't a whole lot of ways they can cheat or if they're going to have somebody do the test for them which is about the only way to cheat on one of my online dust. That is a huge undertaking. You're asking somebody because you have all those many attempts of all those many. I'm if i'm giving seven or nine online tests of course young sets a lot of tasks and so you somebody do that for you..

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