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I promise to make this quick and painless now who can tell me what the fire alarm here at the institute. Sounds lake. Yes. Played attendant Christie. It's a series of several short bells that repeat until silence. Very good. No chips. Okay. And what is the proper action that should be taken? When the alarm sound engine temporary, sir all building occupants should make prompt. But orderly exit from the building and make their way to the emergency meeting location. Hey that is correct. And now. Not no chips. Always player safety and since you're so eager to jump in. The next question is for you. Where is our emergency meeting locating? Location. Of your head at the entrance of the tribe way leading to the institute, and why is that our emergency meeting? Okay. Shen because it's from any of the buildings the institute, excellent dancer, and we'll also have plenty of room to spread out since that marble bust of your head doesn't take up that much space. Oh, yeah. Very funny. Okay. Dr grant answer me this fire safety riddle. What would you do if your lab coat was catch on fire run around wildly flailing, my arms screaming put me out? Put me out. That's no that's wrong. Dr green, in fact, that only makes manage worse. Running around beads more into the fire making it bigger the proper injure is to stop dropping role. Oh, I see well as I'm stopping dropping rolling. Can. I still scream put me out. Put me out. That's fine. No, I wanna go over to your scape routes and emergency exits. We have here in the facility. Doug, the first lied. Please. Right. Data chips. No if you were on third floor in the fire alarm or to shut down. You would ask flowing goes over the various fire emergency escape routes at the institute. We turn our attention to the fine city of Chicago with the air raid, teen seventy-one, it is Tober eight than in the early hours of the gathering. Twilight to terrible, troublemakers. Make their way down a bustling street. These two corrupt criminals can be none other than that evil mastermind. Dr Steve on his suck shaped assistant fidget. I'm not exactly sure. Fidget. Let me ask these two boys for directions, excuse me. They're fine. Young gentlemen. My assistant, and I are a little bit last. I'm wondering if you could tell me if we are close to Kovin street, we're planning on visiting some friends. They're the only reas-. Sure. So in that direction. Mrs Leary's, real nice gonna see her Madeleine. I'll you thought the cows name was daisy. I'd actually read that it was Wendelin at any rate. Yes, we're going to visit MRs O'Leary and her cow. Thank you, boys. You've been a big help. Don't mention it. See? Okay. Fidget. Let's get a move on. It's almost eight thirty visit tonight at about nine o'clock PM the great fire of Chicago is going to start. And although the exact cause of the fire isn't known for sure experts. Pretty sure it started at MRs only respond which is where we're headed to right now. This actually many theories as to how the great vias doubted is something that it was MRs only risk cow that kicked over a lantern and started it. Well, there's others that believe that it was a man named Daniel peg leg Sullivan who caused the fire when he dropped some ashes from his pipe while trying to steal some milk from the O'Leary's bond, and then there's other people who believe that the fire was caused by the break-up of the by comet over the midwest as different fires broke out that night all of them on the shores of Lake Michigan. With us. Just it. No one knows what the real story is. But that's why we're here. We are going to hide in the bushes behind MRs only areas barred and watch for the true cause of the fire, then we'll jump back to the future and sill that if a Mason to the highest bidder now come on. Let's go and ask Dr Steven fidget make their way to MRs O'Leary's barn. Let's make our.

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