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Same you. That's Andre Agassi hall of Famer at Agassi on Instagram. Got a little confused. I thought it had to do Thursday into Friday. They actually had to stop it the the call, the match, but they thought, no almost went four hours. I remember those. You worked for USA. I worked for CBS a longtime to anything. Maybe s erica's most watch network. I remember doing that. Those things used to go forever. And then I had to do the the recap show right on on CBS. After Letterman before Kilborn. Two thousand three, four and five or the days I used to do that before the NFL networks started having, you know, Sunday shows and Thursday night football. So they let me because I did the two thousand three one before the NFL network started. I was called on my honeymoon by CBS asking me because I was a free agent after, yes, PIN left what I do the late night choice it absolutely. And the NFL network hard meet the same time. So the next two years I would take the first two, you know, last week of August first week of September off to do the US open until Steve Bornstein than the head of the NFL network, even guy who Stevie who I always told him his smart enough to have hired me twice at ESPN and the NFL network with his his famous deep voice told me as as I went off to the open in two thousand five. He said to me, it's your farewell to flushing. Buddy boy, soak it in. Could you imagine if I took this week off from the NFL network right now with a chance I worked last night I'm working tomorrow. I'm doing a meeting Saturday for Sunday show that's four hours long. That's the equivalent that wouldn't happen and you my farewell to flush him, but Roddick won his only one there to that while I was there. One is only one. I'm good luck Trump. Can I tell you there too? That's true. I just don't remember you while we didn't actually meet. We didn't. Now you're came up big time. You were big time back. That's absurd. I was, but I served that. That'd be the reason why didn't meet you? I was busy hanging out with Michael Vartan. There you go. Really? Oh yeah. The actor, Michael Varnedoe. Sorry, Michael, clan different. Same guy was on Elliot's when we kind of the Michael barking when we come back the debut of a new segment that I hope you will enjoy. The rich Eisen unluckiest lock of the week. Give it a world gave we see if it works. I'm giving you a lock for this weekend's football that is sort of should maybe. Into the football season is here and no one covers football like cast one sports net. We've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan, Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a walk in the park RJ bells dream preview and Ross Tucker's fantasy feast podcast. They're just creating more.

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