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Here a Ryan Dawson Versus Nickelsville. Neo-con Russian hacked US elect. I thought Ryan Dawson's thing was was against for Russian. So Nick is claiming that Russians. Why I don't really care what what what does that. Say He's been thoroughly exposed as a cat boilover and a fraud and actually you know I mean I. I called it out on the show like months ago right the week. Before Cantwell was arrested. I showed up on his stream of folk cat ears and we talked about. And then now you know it's it's a big thing because groper wars were won after trump re tweeted. Charlie Kirk six times schilling for his dumb ass book and most likely he didn't even he didn't even right so yeah so in case you didn't hear it on the on the before the break. Yes Bill Maher is a mandalit. He's five foot eight and he is. Geez Howard Stern is six five. Well me never knew that anyway. So yeah. Luckily I'm in the six foot club just barely by counting my hair anyways so all right well. Thanks everyone for bearing with you putting up with this episode today. Yeah it's just it's just been a long day. It's been been a long exhausting day. It's been a long exhausting. Four fucking years. I'm just so glad to finally be done with that and to move on with my life and so oh you hear it okay. So yeah speaking of actually speaking of wing drifters. Let's talk about our old friend Jacob Wall so and actually this might just be a teaser for the for the after show. It's probably go on for like an hour or something. I don't really feel like going. It's all I have the mood for and I do have like some videos. Go through. Excuse me actually I'll do a memorandum sort of thing like you know looking back this some reason again. Good for covering it. She said Anthony. Fauci sexually assaulted her. Now she says Jacob Wall and Jack Berkman paid her to lie after failing to frame Robert Mueller Elizabeth Warren and others for sexual misconduct the infamous trumpster hoax tried to go after. Fau Cheat but the woman hired to play the victim had second thoughts. I just ends the offer. I just finished Saturday Mornings Second Cup of coffee or is a woman. Who's writing it? Yeah okay I called it called. It called it and the reason why was able to tell is because and I did suspect it was just a very sawyer. Effeminate man who wrote the article too before I checked to see name. Nancy is a male name to or you know it's like you. You know a parent would give a give her son a girly name. Toughen up in insured. They get bullied grow to be a school shooter. Yes because like if I write an article it's like you know it'd be Jacob Wall as you know. Gigolo Wall is at it again doing all this bullshit but here after. I just finished Saturday morning. Second Cup of coffee when an email popped up subject line exposed. So it's like you know. Oh Jane and I knew it was a woman because Oh she's making the story about her she. You know the story is not about you. I don't give a shit. How much coffee you had to drink before you got vis a vis email and protocol vincent spurring out again. Yeah absolutely fucking Spurghi out again. Because I'm sick of it and I've seen it in was I remember. I was like Reading Skill College newspaper thing and they immediately start out with like. Oh you know I was doing this and this is how I feel and gives a fuck right. Get A podcast. Don't you if you WanNa talk about your feelings? Actually no please. Don't it's already to saturated of a market? Hi Nancy. I hope you're having a nice weekend. I feel very bad about line you and others about Dr Voucher. I took it upon myself to call. Jacob Wollen Jack Berkman in record them see. Attach many thanks and again. I feel very bad about all of this. I apologize to you and the other reporters and Dr Vouch for writer of email identified herself as Diane Android. I'd never before emailed with Andrei but had spoken for ten days earlier when I knew her as Diana Rodriguez at the time. Rodriguez allege that when she was twenty years old in two thousand fourteen. She'd been sexually assaulted by Dr Antony. Pfau chief director of the National Institute of Allergy Infectious Diseases and one of the most visible faces and the government's response to Cova Nineteen pandemic proposed lucky enough to be unfamiliar with the exploits of Wall and Berkman bear. Pro-trump provocateurs who found in Nisha drumming up fake sexual harassment allegations ends comically badly including against former FBI. Director Robert Mueller. Who turned out to have been serving jury duty. The day he was supposed committed via salt and Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren v Press Conference for which took place on Berkman stoop and who's supposed victim was a twenty four year old marine. And there's an asterix so I mean media going to see what that caveat is that see here correction original version of story said but Senator Elizabeth Warren's accuser didn't show up to a press conference a man did show up immediately removed his shirt to display scars. He claimed to have received from an alleges in alleged vicious vigorous flogging by Warren Videos. Absolutely incredible which we will play When we get back to be after show their video only after show. Jeez I mean part of me. Maybe think said it's true. I mean what sort of man right let alone a marine right. You know twenty four year old marine would remove his shirt and show bunch of whip marks claiming that illustrate Elizabeth Warren of all people was his dominatrix. Flog him sex sexually got some. You know I've seen jackass. People have done plenty of stupid shit to get attention and money but to admit that. Actually I remember when I watched. I think it was Johnny Knoxville's like audition tape for Jackass where he would just let himself taste and shot in the face of Pepper Spray Mace. The guy's a genius. Right I mean like people.

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