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Company affiliates discounts available in all states or situations dot com good morning Katie green here taking a look at those road ways we have a slow down right now eastbound eighty you know poor tell drive we have a vehicle that is taking up the right lane this is an accident actually took place in the four o'clock hour they're still working on getting this clear we have a very heavy C. H. P. presence in the area and about a fifteen to twenty minute delay standing as of now if you're traveling to San Francisco on the bay bridge the toll plaza a little slow and go east about our westbound eighty so just I prepare for that about a fifteen twenty minute delay we also have a problems all right we have a mountain lion running along the side of eighty five the southbound direction at Camden the right lane self keep an eye out for that one westbound macro now westbound five eighty it's Denmark Dr we have a vehicle that is blocking the left lane in your part right is checking and problem free don't waste a single drop of water this summer contact your local bay area roto rooter to repair any leaks at rotor rooter dot com for all of your plumbing needs its road a return to Waco your troubles down the drain roto rooter dot com the case of a morning show continues now with Brian Sussman on talk radio five sixty KSFO Brad's us minute brother Brian congratulations rob in fair oaks going see rascal Flatts Bryce first by live nation dot com K. congradulations thanks for joining us this morning around what has been the traffic report you have there Katie Newman gives new meaning here Kitty Kitty about something blocking the right lane for crying out loud Hey what do you do this morning honey all I had my own lan on my way to work that's something pointed a mountain lion yeah yeah kids get back in the car.

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