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Or three or the police didn't want to take me to jail, and they're like, look, we like you. We don't want to take you to jail, but we can't let you just go. You've gotta turn you over to somebody that has any sense. And I'd go how about Harley he's on the air now. So they would take their squad car thing. They call the hotline over there. Math and go Jim would answer the phone Joe Beth, and they go this is Ellen PD. Are you willing to take Tony? You will you will you be responsible for Tony Bonetti? And he's like. I'm in the back. I would say, yes. So the cop cars pull up outside Q M F at about four in the morning on his nineteen ninety two summer nights. And I would stand by the squad car, and they stay right there in Hollywood come out playing probably this song. And then he would run out and say I got him. I got him and I go thank you, Arlene. I worked for local eighty nine. Loading airplay jumper UPS, and I would come in after that. And do the morning show on my way. I would stop at Thornton's and get a subway sandwich. And I would get they will give you this fruit plate with. And you're not eating that come on. What are you talking about? So part of it with strawberries and cream. He said, hey, hey, we throw it away. So he started eating strawberry creek. And then he let the morning show because I would get there to do the morning show. Then he will let the morning show that I was bringing him in strawberries. Imagine what kind of rumors started after that. But Haley back in the day when there were characters we all played roles and characters on the radio. Yeah. He was. He was the he was that. He was a great rock radio character. He was a biker guy of the overnights, and he was he made a lot of people at GE GE, and and Ford and UPS third Shifter's happy. And even we worked mornings mid days. He worked all, but I think that overnight shift between in the eighties and nineties would made him famous Fayed about it.

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