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All male ran were at old sanwa ended a long battle and oh man the if i only have i and you longlost my a new algorithms who long now banned while what beautiful moving song of the uh flourish written by rachel goodman sitting right here in the studio um so we have on on trump anderson from norway from lillehammer now that is a name that many people will recognize you what happened in lillehammer in the winter of 1994 it was the winter olympics and i got to see the site of that some of which trond had a hand in designing some of the ski runs on the bobsled and luge runs uh trump is a very practical sort of guy but i met him in his wonderful wife grantham and they're too little kids to at that time martin and frederick of when i was in norway in the winter of 1989 in 1990 studying the ozone layer with nasa and we were doing flights over the north pole out of a town called stavanger which is a cold cloudy rainy all all the time in the.

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