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Is that they did some drinking on the plane on the way back. Just Yeah. I mean, that is I mean, that's the most obvious right because listen grid in at the end of the game yesterday, you know, talked about him hitting his his 1000 yards, two years in a row. He talked about car getting 4000 yards passing first time that's been done by a Raider. On then, you know, obviously talked about what wall are Waller did and then Somebody mentioned in the press conference of BK. You were on that press conference, he found out it was the first time he's ever won in Denver. Group him and he said, I'm gonna have a course light on that. So you knew the drink. It was already on the top of the mine. But the reason that I was so hesitant to say anything Joe Joe, it's been outlawed. And NFL. I mean drinking on the team plane. Is no longer allowed. There was them. Listen. I played on I played in the NFL wher You know, guys would have you know a 12 pack at times or you know, that was some that were more aggressive that had as much as You know, a case of beer from the time the game was over into the time we touch back down in Denver on some of the flights, so the NFL I think I knew that this was going on in every organization because beer was given the players after the game. You know, we have the responses everywhere around the NFL. I think that the guys who wanna drink bear can't drink a beer after game is just is just doesn't make sense. But anyway to hear that that happened That's it that that sounds like it's gonna be a heavy, heavy fine. Other Raiders VK You may know more about that situation on how how much defines our what the real rules are, but I mean, this certainly looks bad. On the NFL, and in particular the Las Vegas Raiders. We're to celebrate going eight Nate, but the Broncos obviously last year's looking he did. He did. And obviously we know a little bit about the punishment as it relates to Jacob specifically, and the D U I charge with you I arrest because we know Melvin Gordon, based on His arrest, and we'll see what the actual penalty is legally when he goes back to court. I want to say right around January 15th somewhere in there is when he's going back in court. But you know, it's three games comes with d U I arrest if there's a conviction, and so the what's it gonna be for the same thing? What's it gonna be at the team knowing that he left the team plane and got to doing Well here. I guess the question is what will investigate what happened on the plane. How much drinking was there? Or was Josh Jacobs? Did he have a bottle of whiskey in his bag? You know how how they don't check bags on those chartered flights. So was he drinking with some of his teammates on their own, or were they getting beer that the team supplied or they got from the airline? And so I know that my extinction No. That distinction is a small one, but is one that might save this organization, which is faced embarrassment after embarrassment for their own stupid stuff, taken their masks off it the Darren Waller event. Then everyone getting Cove it at various places seems like on their team. You know, the race is still gonna be the Raiders, and this is another example. Thankfully, it does not like anyone was hurt in this situation. But no, I think so. For Jacob's. It's It's those three games for sure for the team, I think We'll have to find out where the alcohol came from. Wow, B k. That is that is some mean forgot who played in this league and understands exactly what the NFL wanted to do with that policy. That's terrible news At the end of the year. I hope that nobody was injured in the accident. Let me let me speak to this. It says you mentioned this Melvin Gordon having to go through. Hey, did not get to his 1000 yard number having to go through. I still hit the over yesterday. And my best better Just say just for the record, it was over seven out of 10 on apart later defense Touchdown, I would be $1000 richer and a $5 bet. What is the what is the You know, we just talked to John Elway about Um, him having elevated role in, uh, in the GM position, But that also leaves open to very, very important positions and John Address, one of them earlier with von Miller and said that He wants bond to be a Bronco for life. But that's not his decision now and then we know that there is an out of the Denver Broncos with Melvin Gordon because of his disciplinary issues with this d u I What do you anticipate that's going to happen with him with the new GM? I guess. Depends on how much do they like Melvin Gordon the runner. And can you get past those three games? All right, screams still under contract. It'll be his fourth year on his rookie deal. I think they're going to sign Phillip Lindsay like I'm pretty sure I told you guys a couple weeks. Not Phillip Lindsay, Tim Patrick Alexander Johnson are all going to get Second round tenders is my expectation. At least that was the expectation under Elway. I don't know why they wouldn't look to bring those guys back if it has any influence on the roster, specially Alexander Johnson s. Oh, they'll have Phillip Lindsay to handle the load along before extreme and anybody else they draft or Bellamy or whatever, but I think it'll be back. I think you played well enough, at times that will likely face that three answers. We've gone through three and then hopefully be ready to go and chase the 1000 yards again because you're able to see why they signed them. Do they need him? I don't. I don't know, but he was healthier than Philip. So there's that and consistent. He wasn't a game break. It wasn't Derrick Henry, either, but he was consistent. And for the eight million bucks that they paid him last year, 13 guaranteed I think they're gonna bring him back. For eight more next year with von I told you guys that a couple weeks ago that I had heard John Elway wanted him back, and then John said it today, So I felt good about that reporting when I when I said it, it's a question of does this new G. M. C. Von, in the same role, finishing his career here, chasing records paired opposite of Bradley Jump, and how does it Fangio think von fits into his defense with chub on the other side, or do they continue to get by with the Maliki reach of the world and Chuck continuing to grow into His own, and they'll throw one more into that. I did the right a few weeks ago until I realized looking at the money. Karine Jackson. It's a $10 million. Some like that team option if they want to bring him back. I'm not saying there won't even though I mentioned that there's a chance they wouldn't a couple weeks ago, but it's a total team option on that third year for Korea. Boy, that's there. There's a lot of moving parts all in the Broncos have the ninth pick in the upcoming NFL draft. I mean, they've got to get a GM in place because there's a lot of work to be done here..

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