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Live from NPR NEWS. I'm Jack's fear. The White House has been doubling down on efforts to sow doubts about the 2020 election. But as NPR's Sam Greenglass reports Democratic nominee Joe Biden says he's confident Donald Trump will leave office if he loses. President Trump has now several times been unwilling to promise a peaceful transfer of power should he lose the election. In an interview with MSNBC today, Joe Biden said he's confident the courts the Congress, the military And the National Security Agency's will all uphold the rule of law. If necessary. I'm confident all the irresponsible racist attacks on voting will have an election in this country is we always have had, and, uh and then he'll leave. The former vice president called Trump's efforts to discredit the results even before any votes have been cast a quote. Typical trump distraction, but some Democrats are worried. On Thursday, Senator Bernie Sanders warned that Americans of all political stripes must take Trump's words seriously. Sam Greenglass. NPR NEWS Washington The late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lay in state of the U. S Capitol building today. Ginsberg the first woman in American history to be so honored Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is running mate, Senator Kamala Harris attended a small ceremony in her honor there this morning, Herr said Ginsberg absolutely, and intentionally help to clear the way for women like her in public office. Justice died last week at the age of 87. Sources are saying tonight. Trump has chosen conservative Judge Amy Cockney Barrett to replace Ginsberg. Those same sources say Trump could still change his mind. If confirmed, the 48 year old Coney Barrett would become the youngest justice on the court. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey today announced the first criminal charges in the nation link to covert 19 deaths in a long term care facility. Member station GBH reporter Maryland Cher says at least 76 veterans and the facility died from Corona virus and dozens more were infected. The criminal indictments are against two top administrators of the Holyoke soldiers home, Healy says. The months long investigation looked at whether the actions of former Superintendent Bennett Walsh and former medical director Dr David Clinton amounted to abuse and reckless disregard for life were alleging that Walsh and Clinton were ultimately responsible for a decision. On March 27th that led to tragic and deadly results. That decision, Healy says, was the consolidation of two dementia units that exposed residents to the Corona virus in a statement, Walsh's attorney denies any criminal wrongdoing for NPR news. I'm Marilyn Shera in Boston Federal appeals court says it's weighing the fate of a Missouri abortion law that includes a provision prohibiting a woman for having an abortion because the fetus has down syndrome. Three judge panel of the U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals in ST Louis. Hearing arguments over the 2019 measure on Wall Street stocks closed up the Tao of 358 points. This's NPR. Can it for 04 on a Friday September 25th. This is Casey ar w I'm Larry Pepperell L. A County district attorney, Jackie Lacey has recused herself and her office from investigating a fatal police shooting and deciding whether the officer should face legal charges. The officer in the case is the daughter of a leader of the police union. KCR W's Terry Glaser explains that union has donated to Lacey's reelection campaign officer Toney McBride shot and killed 38 year old Daniel Hernandez in April. Video shows him holding what police say was a box cutter. McBride told him several times to drop it when he didn't she shot Hernandez twice and four more times after he fell to the ground. The bride's father is the director of the L. A Police Protective League and has helped raise more than $1 million for Diego, Jackie Lacey's reelection campaign. Critics say that poses a conflict of interest. Lacey's office says she decided in July to recuse herself and turn the case over to the state attorney general but is only revealing that now this is the first time Lacey's recused herself from such a case during her eight years on the job. Lacey's rival in the race. George Gascogne supports a movement to ban police unions from contributing to campaign for D. A. Meanwhile, the Union of L. A county public defender's has thrown it's support behind guess coinciding what they say is his commitment to racial justice and ending the death penalty. Containment of a fire burning in the Angeles National Forest has climbed to 55% sky. Cornell with the L. A County fire department told CBS to that crews have been setting backfires using fire to fight fire. We like the area and we we let the fire be pushed by the wind away from.

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