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Flu she sees max innocent marius before they disappear in v adjoining street street he stares out with his tail i i'm not a muscle working his jobs the sleeping man it's up on the stone bench it is more cuts mordechai surveys the scene do who stayed out remember remember remember so it's a little under an hour right now but i just could not i can't even i'm just real real eager right now to joe dream someone would com i mean at least you don't have eggo near face they're always complaining the fight scenes and then what was the next sentence true though eight single sentence tenths of a fight user imagination he cut down i really want the next thing is i like it'd be come upon you'll come through a really rough and then they stare at each other no no staring no i'm not i'm reid and in the character is digging digging in vegas is looking wednesday full method come out against the important things to talk about a first we're now on iheartradio oh man we did it we have been for about a month a they didn't alert man finally i was like hey orthodox three months even like processing that thing it or whatever like oh no we had a month ago you're you're starting late anyway if you want to find a thought i heart radio or any platform you like just type in the name of that platform dot table podcast thoughts on an it'll be rescued so i heart radio dot net where he's got dot com apple podcasts stitcher you get the idea we were on all the platforms everywhere elect the borg yes we are all around every resistance.

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