Greg Jarrett, Ukraine, Russia discussed on Red Eye Radio


Greg jarrett a great jerk greg jarrett who said that a campaign cannot pay a foreign national uh to be part of a campaign and so what he is stating is since the basically a christopher steel was a british woodhaven gratitude it will be okay but that let's say that that they had that that this people inside the ukraine oto tired of soviet union form soviet russia gave and it did a dossier to the a two of a of the democrats or whites a birth at nine a what what he is okay oil no money involved yeah yeah yeah anybody can give you anything right anybody from around the world can give you anything that they want the law the law breaking would be uh not disclosing how those campaign funds were were used which you're supposed to do which they said basically was just legal fees and they use the you know the the the general umbrella a of the law firm to do so during a slush fund right right well you'd be using a legal firm is sort of a slush fund the use of money without without without being transparent on it and that's already there's been a lawsuit filed on debt immediately within 24 hours there was a a lawsuit tough i forgot the group that filed its stating that look they broke federal campaign laws doing that and the other law would be an and and i don't know i again this is what greg jarrett said is that by pain christopher steal your pain of foreign national even if it's indirectly through the the you know through the of law firm pain fusion gps as who then pays.

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