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That Scott Dirt on Ah Dessert for me to the Lok Each any little saw that I had to if I had one little thought had a negative thought ahead and think of two positive and then a few days by started become more natural like it didn't start. Start to feel funny making affirmations in the Mirror and saying you know what you're worth this you're going to get through this. You're strong. They feel shoot. The is but it's so powerful and know that the ultimate resource a source for wellness in mind sad and gratitude is in the food that I eat if I eat sugar. I'm a mass anxiety hangs Social Anxiety Gloria. I'm an introvert. So it's really hard to pull those pieces out and be social as public speaker if I'm not eating right foods which helps that bent clarity and just being the best version of yourself because you think that followed us. The hardest part sues really be happy. You deserve that success. Success user sex to radiant slipped. Where is your husband? Probably Sleeping Right now. The interview is she she did. I didn't do it. Ah Okay okay so so that all sounds fine well but it can so so much sound like an you alluded to this Mike. Hey I've got the secret. I just tell yourself you're better and you will be better right right like it's just it's so fluffy and I think there are so many bullshit self-help books and speakers I am I unfortunately I I'm not cynical about much but I am pretty cynical about the rod at so many people preach because like that actually becomes more debilitating being than just feeling like crap to begin with right like I feel terrible. Go in listened to somebody. Tell me how amazing I am. All I need to do is believe and then I go back and for a day they are too. I feel good and then all of a sudden thaw back into my lies and so now only not only am I believing the lies. I used to believe but now I'm also believing this new lie which is and I can't can't even talk myself out of it. No how do you steps through the. I mean I know like it's it's a lot of repetitive conversation with yourself. I I love the fact that you said that. We need to be habitual in bill bill habit into their spot. Like how do you begin in graining that in such a way because we are our own worst liar like we lie to ourselves more than anybody else right. We are jerks to ourselves. Yes we don't we. Seriously I it was is really being mindful of this Virtual activity of neuro plasticity framing. where I'm taking every single negative thought in building it to a positive positive and they start catching yourself saying no to everything? And you're like why am I saying no to these opportunities start saying yes and Opportunity Surf eight or you start your lay your foundation and say no. I'm going to get paid for every speaking opportunity from here here on out and the next thing you know you're saying all five hundred dollars. Five hundred turns into one thousand once you know and I mean your life changes when in an average he said it's not about it's about the offer it's about everything effort into it because that's what really matters at the end of the day so in terms of a question about creating a habit I again. You're talking to somebody who used to think all hippie ships you know what I mean. So the affirmations fasting your desk duty meditation was just for two and I started meditating every morning and night for thirty minutes. It depends but really centering in washing. My brain of of those terrible thoughts helped to start fresh so meditation in building. A routine are amazingly powerful for bringing in habitual success mentally. I should say okay. So you're on this journey and I mean today it's really easy easy to talk about because and I know you still obviously have your struggles but like you're doing well right like you found ways to overcome you've become a Very again well known You know people are attracted to you and your story and want to hear that for themselves but how do you begin working with an advocating for people. Because I know one of the one of the reasons that you know you and I ended up deciding to have this conversation here was because you know people role that are struggling with disease and I am very careful to save these words but like disability Because I don't want to impose things on other people that are not but like when people are stepping through these struggles for themselves. I mean you had the freedom to do this on your own kind of right like you write your own story you work for yourself How do you help? People Begin to step through similar struggles when their life is spiraling out of control. That's a a question and I. I know that that requires a massively. Strong community asked professional therapy. If that's your loved ones I think it it revolves offs different angles and perspectives for recovery. For anything like that but I reinforce every single time I have a conversation with somebody whether it's a client of trying to master their reputation or their From the different labels community and they're just trying to get into the workforce. Where would you say there? Ah would you say that you're the what the differently abled community district. It's all about words right and rhetoric in how we use them. And you're in an interview you can say that make you shine as a superhero versus a perceived limitation right. I love that. Yeah so so would I like to say is that we all are limited. You know we all have trauma. We all have blown that we have faced in the past. Different limitations are different based on who we are in our challenges adversity adversity relatives. You're worse day is so own so real for you or stay really real for me. It doesn't make mice rebels worse than yours or vice versa so having having that understanding and that baseline of the fact that we are all messed up but we are all worthy of ink successful and how does the start of work ago. Okay so here here we go I wanNA push back on you and I and and I know you're going to have an answer which I love so I believe that we all struggle. I mean I went through a period of anxiety and depression Shannon wanting to crawl into a hole just a couple of years ago that like you know a year prior. I would've never thought and so you know I have my struggles and I've gone through tragedy and everybody's he's gone through their say. Unfortunately I believe that some of those outwardly manifest themselves differently than others which then Dan creates a perception in society that causes that society to treat people differently to look at them differently. I WANNA believe Dave and I do with all my heart to the best of my ability believed that we have all been created with the same infinite amount of worse and value even no no we are uniquely created and we have unique experiences. I want to believe that and I try to do my best. But that's not the way people are treated and so then then when you let's just pretend for a second that you were working for an employer and you all of a sudden you get pregnant you go through this huge huge traumatic event that leads to now. Oh my gosh I have this disease and I can't walk and John I can't see straight and so I really can't come to work but I want you to work with me and that timeframe seems to be limited in people's tolerance of you right like so things do get treated so much differently than others and so what do you say to that because I feel like like we all want to again. We we all want to care for most people want care but sometimes times are are the way care looks changes and that can really be harmful to the people that are struggling with us the most. Oh Amen so I mean you bring up the worst epidemic in our society today which cultural perspective. We are comfortable with what we're used to. Because that's what we're used to so this is this is the way it must be. This is how it is. This is what rate in the world still not true inaccurate and the moment we opened in our minds up and embrace differences whether that's only physically culturally bats in the beauty happened and so I use this example right so I have a funny walk with my brain damage. I have a Olympe. which is it you can't tell but if I'm really bad if I'm really sick I will need a mobility device? So it had Parkin- a parking lot a handicapped parking spot. Somebody looks at noon says. Oh she's too young she chew. She's not overweight. She A Park. There I have people come up and say stuff like this to my peers to you. You're a must be a really good day for you or something like ah those conversations.

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