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Wanting to score his first podium any road like it And he came closer than he ever has. At least in the middleweight class. He almost scored a podium back in. Modo three. But Manzi on that last lap. I don't know if you guys noticed this or not. But when he passed Navarro at one point it looked like he came from a half mile back to take third. I have no clue how he made up that that much. Ground going into the Corner Eh. made it stick without wrecking or running wide or running into Navarro And that was a lot of fun. But obviously Navarro's corner speed eventually won out and he ended up finishing the year with another podium. Even if he couldn't muster up a win and the last right. I WanNa talk about in this mode to race Alex Marquez. And here's the thing with me OK. Alex wrecked not a big deal at all though it could have been. We'll talk about that in a second as well but he got back up on the bike and he finished and that was cool he finished because it was in Spain he won the championship and everything. But come on man. You don't finish thirtieth and then do a championship victory celebration in the gravel trap. I mean I understand understand because Mark Canada did the same thing they did the fireworks. It wasn't that big of a deal. They should left the dart at home. If they would have just done the fireworks it would have been fine really what he should have done. Stop stop go over there. Climb up the fence wave to the fan club you know celebrate with them. Fireworks are okay. The Dart they should have just left a dart in sepangar wherever it was set of the podium in this brad been there his third win in a row. His fifth of the season and all of those victories have come since the rebel ring phenomenal. Second half of the season for him and great closer for Tom Lucy. He ends the year with four consecutive podiums. Sadly though not only does it come too. Who Late for the championship? But it also comes too late for second overall and then Hey Navarro he was thirteenth and fourteenth and his first two Mo- two seasons so then he moves over to speed up and I mean. Wow what a turnaround. What a season eight podiums on the air? He winds up fourth overall in the championship and speaking of the championship Alex Marquez of course had already won the Motoo title him Man. That timing couldn't have been any better for him to have the season he had with the result Zolt. He had for two reasons number one. He wins this championship at exactly the right time. When a rep salt factory becomes unexpectedly available and the number two? He does it in a year. Where Brad Bender stumbles out of the gate because if the KTM writer had not started the year so badly Ma'am what could have been? It would have been phenomenal battle. Right down to Valencia between those two guys because bender finished the year. Get this three three three points behind little marquess and hopefully I did say Alex. The entire time on the having to settle for third in the championship Navarro The aforementioned and fourth as he finishes his breakout season and Augusta Fernandez rounds out the top five with very strong middle part of the season with a couple of wins in there. I think three But he wasn't all that strong at the beginning and the end. That was the difference for him. And Bobby Ojeda Antonio wins the two thousand eighteen rookie of the year title and Motoo so with excellent racism moto three ammo to do. The pressure was on for the Premiere class to wrap up the season in spectacular style and it certainly was interesting and exciting for eight laps. Then mark marquess past Fabio cultural and that that was all she wrote Even the battle for third between Jack Miller Andre Video so and Alex rinsed fizzled out eventually. But that doesn't mean we don't have something to talk about multiple things actually to talk about in this race and we'll start with Marquez because Marquez's has is winning run wasn't just big because it was his twelfth victory of the season although that's pretty impressive but because with that victory he singlehandedly Diddley. He did. He beat out both factory to Kati riders to win the team championship and the triple crown for Honda. Well actually we do have to be honest here because he didn't do it all by himself. Because in the end Lorenzo and stuff rattled there points did make the difference without Lorenzo scoring some points without brattle scoring a couple of points then marked by himself. Couldn't beat both Danilo Petrucci and Andrea Da Vinci. Also but I mean we gotta be honest. There's no question that it was marks effort the last three or four races of the season that brought an and incredibly unlikely team championship home to the Repsol Honda Garage and it only adds to his legendary season. I mean look at these. Number's four hundred and twenty points. Nineteen races but four hundred twenty points. Twelve victories only one race one race ace all season long where he failed to finish either first or second and of course that was when he wrecked out of the lead in Texas even mark himself in park like I said. I'm not sure I can do this again. It was so close to perfect. I'm not quite sure. I can replicate it. I mean this was up there with you. Know Lorenzo in two thousand thousand ten with mcadoo in in nineteen ninety-seven with Valentino Rossi. And say two thousand and two two thousand three two thousand four in that area. I mean one one of the best seasons. Although it's arguable definitely arguable you could go back to any of those riders. I just mentioned plus a couple of others and say that they had equally as good of a season but when you talk about just the stranglehold that he had on the competition right up there with the best of doing 'em Rossi and all of the other Mo- GP greats rates. And I think that just as important almost as important to wrap up the season once again Mark Marquez was able to establish that even though Fabio Quattro Wpro is shaping up to be a real challenge to his title to His throne that the rookie and Yamaha still have some work to do if Fabio wants to keep up and honestly. That's pretty much how you would expect mark to finish this particular season by doing something incredible winning the team title and by making that kind of statement into the competition that no. No you're not GonNa get to me yet. Maybe one day but not today so I think you're really summed up for the most part his two thousand nineteen season but Wabe Okwara got beat. Remember we've got to keep in mind whenever we talk about Fabio. He's a rookie. I satellite team. And he's he's still not on exactly the same equipment as factory guys. That's coming next year yet. He still able to keep touch with mark heathen finished that far behind Marc Marquez. Yes on a day. When mark was stunningly? Good victory or not that was an amazing performance by Fabio Sharara. And you know. I've talked about this past couple of weeks. We've got to always remember that. He's writing for a satellite team that he's a rookie because he's been so good after the first third of the season when he was trying to figure out the bike that but now we expect him to finish on the podium. We expect him to compete with mark. We expect them to be able to go out there and potentially even beat Marquez and so when he has a sixth or seventh the place finish we think oh man things are going well but they are. I mean any other satellite writer would be thrilled to have a sixth place finish cell and I have to remind myself all the time to that. Hey we gotta give him some time. I mean he's still developing he still doesn't have the best bike yet. And when you think about this race it makes it all the more impressive when you think of it in that perspective. Because he did this on a day finished second on a day when Yamaha wasn't all that good I mean he finished nearly seven seconds ahead of Maverick Fan. y'All isn't sex and nearly twenty two seconds ahead of Valentine Rossi back in eighth and for him to have seven podiums and six poles in his rookie season really early. All he has left to do on his wish list is get a win and then be able to challenge mark. And I'll say the same thing for Bobbio that had just said about Marc Marquez. This was a very fitting way for him to finish the season. One spot behind mark. Because he's the writer. We expect to be chasing Marc Marquez. Next season on and just like this was an important podium for the two riders in front of him. Because you know mark wins the team championship and Fob reinforces that he is going to be the Challenger next year it could turn out to be almost almost as big of a podium. For Jack Miller in Third Jack was fast but very inconsistent at the start of the season but he's lessen that gap between the peaks aches and valleys in the second half and in the process. He scored five podiums this year and this one was properly impressive. In fact I think this was his most impressive performance. It's over all of the entire year qualifies on the Front Row. Doesn't get or need any help from anyone falling down or having issues he was simply fast. He was fast from lights out. It was in the dry and at a place. That really isn't much of a do coty track at all and he does does it on the day when Danilo Petrucci out for the second time in three races essentially ceiling Dukakis fate in the team championship. So if SA- big F but if there's any truth to those rumors that Takata is considering a rider swap Jack's performance Sunday could very well be the deciding factor because if if they were on the fence about what to do this race probably made it pretty clear for them which direction they should go and keep in mind. Patricia did have win earlier in the season. But that was his. Success was really confined to that one area. Before that he was a contestant six place rider which was good then he had the podium. The wind the podium again will Jack Miller ended the season with a two more podiums than patrol did and of course ended the season much stronger than Danila pitchy. so some other items. I WanNa talk about that. Didn't finish on the podium starting with John Zarco and Mike Gosh how lucky was Arco. That was such a scary incident when eagerly Cologne is by came flying through the gravel and right into a very unsuspecting Joan and I thought for sure at that point. I couldn't even watch the end of it. After the bike Kim. I was certain that he broke both ankles but he must have an awesome pair boots because in the end he was relatively okay. He was complaining of some ankle pain which is perfectly understandable but other than that. He said he was fine. They took him back to the pit box. He wrote on a scooter. Back to the pit box and that was that so it was really really. Hey good to not see him have to go to the hospital after that. Incident For Maverick Gaullism Valentino Rossi man coming off that momentum building first and fourth and Sapang hang they were positively disappointing in Valencia. And you could use worse words than that. Neither factory rider was able to hold a candle to five Fabio Quad Charro. Neither one was able to get anywhere close to the podium in this race. Hopefully those guys have something revolutionary to roll out in Tuesday's test because they they desperately need it and then for Halo Renzo all right well. He didn't finish fifth like I predicted but he did score some points. I mean it was mostly because a bunch of guys in front of Iraq. But still you take what you can get and he score points in his final race. I'm sure it was not the result. He wanted or the season Zain that he wanted or the decision career decision that he wanted but it was definitely great to see the tributes the reception. He got from the fans before and after the race and his team after the races. Well and speaking of last races have Syrian also had his last motor. GP Race for now at least and he scored a point as well. So congratulations to him. So you're podium and this one Marc Marquez. His twelfth victory of an astonishing two thousand eighteen season and it also wins the triple crown for Honda and the team. Championship Fabio Abiocor. Ro Finishes Second Locks Down The independent writer title to go along with his rookie of the year and while he may not have one he definitely reinforced that he will be contender. In Two thousand twenty. As long as Yamaha gives him the best bike possible then rounding out the podium. Jack Miller is this the most important podium Miller's career the rumors are true then it very well could be but even if they aren't it was still a fantastic ride for Miller in this one in the championship Marc Marquez won won the two thousand nine hundred title by ready for this one hundred and fifty one points over Andrea the one hundred fifty one think about I second that means in hindsight. He could've sat out six races this year and still be dove by point. That's absolutely crazy. maverick Venezuela's did just well enough to hang onto third overall in the championship. Alex rings has to settle for fourth am with his seventh podium of the season. Coiro zero passes Danilo Petrucci for fifth overall and not only is he the second highest Yamaha and the championship but he beat out eight. He beat out eight.

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