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And I heard radio station. 17 degrees right now in Boston. Bright sunshine, but super windy at 11 30 that Saturday morning to, um Tina Gal, and here's what's happening. We're now learning more about promising test results for a third vaccine, this one coming from Johnson and Johnson. More details from ABC is Karina Mitchell. Unlike the visor, and with Donna Inoculation, Johnson and Johnson's requires only one shot. It's also faster to make an easier to store. Dr Anthony Fauci says the highly contagious UK variant could be the main strain in the U. S by March, also expressing support. This is a single shot vaccine in which you start to see efficacy anywhere from 7 to 10 days following the first and only shot Karina Mitchell, NBC NEWS New York With Manu and more contagious strains of the coronavirus, posing a threat, health officials are urging people to please continue practicing social distancing and wear protective gear infectious disease specialist doctor who's messiah, it says. It's very critical for people to keep their guard up. Even with vaccine drives under way that not all master created equal. I think that's a message that we really need to get across is the more layers that we can create. The better will be at preventing transmission, especially for these variants that are more transmissible. Meanwhile, schools without H V. A C systems or the proper filters are now being urged to keep their windows open in classrooms where there's in person learning even on frigid days like yesterday. But if schools have air purifiers in those rooms, that window's only have to be open a crack WBC's Kim Tunnicliffe checked in with a couple of school district to see how things are going. Attleboro High School was able to work with the city to get air purifiers for classrooms where in person learning is taking place. Principal Bill Rooney says Windows in those rooms on Lee have to be open by an inch or two, but was single digit temperatures opening a window. Even an inter to it can get mighty cold cases there some complaints to their teachers I hear from Families on occasion, But we've been very fortunate for community has supported the fact that things were different during covert conditions. I think most people it's not optimal, but they are accepting it as they go ahead of the Boston Teachers union, Jessica Tang has been doing walk through that a number of schools to make sure classrooms are in compliance issue in terms of keeping buildings and room warm enough. We certainly have had concerns about group being too cold having to keep the Windows open to help the situation. Kevin Tunnicliffe WBZ Boston's news radio. The latest numbers from the Bay State Health Department report more than 2700 new covert cases in the latest daily count, along with 98 additional fatalities, But there apparently was a technical glitch in the reporting of almost 25,000 test results both positive and negative. Those results missed yesterday's count and will be included in today's daily count due out later this afternoon. The seven day average positivity right here in Massachusetts is now just over 4% nearly 1800 people are hospitalized for covert that's trending down, relatively speaking 412 patients remaining ICUs. It's also estimated there are more than 74,500 active covert cases here in the Bay State. Coming up in just about two minutes. Here in WBC news radio will tell you about a new supercomputer that has ranked among the world's fastest stay with us. For all the details back to the roads right now, getting busier. I see it's 11 33 traffic and weather together, starting with a super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes and Rob what's the latest on Route one? Everyone in the North bound side. Tina is jammed up there is the crash working north bound near route 99 in Saugus. Really slow through this stretch. The backup has extended just backed about to route 60 of this point, so really slow getting up there with lanes blocked route one north after route 99 in Saugus. Allow extra time up through there Now. 93 is okay, leaving the city that way. Somerville up towards the cloverleaf to get to 1 28 year. Fine there. No problems on Route three from Burlington to national downtown, getting reports of a crash inside the North bound O'Neil channel, and it looks like it's coming. Starting to jam up quickly. Here is we typically see is people are getting their breaks right now. The top into the expressway, so it looks like it's in there. I don't have a lane on it As of yet, but North bound in the O'Neill Tunnel watch for crash coming into downtown. It'll slow you down in on the expressway. North South Gone. Expressway is slow approaching the Braintree split Route three is fine along the South Shore. Don't sing any delays on the lower end of 1 28 through Denham in Needham and out west of town. A good right on the pike Robbed acolyte WBZ is traffic on the three's Plenty of sunshine today, but very frigid and a windy Hi, Just 21 feels a lot colder, more like the single digits and teens today clear tonight, a little less windy but intensely frigid, dropping to about eight degrees. Mix of clouds and sunshine Tomorrow High 25 cloudy and breezy on Monday with snow developing in the afternoon high 35 that snow will likely continue Monday evening into Tuesday with a potential for significant accumulations. 10 inches or more high 33 degrees on Tuesday were carefully tracking that northeaster right now we've got 17 degrees in Natick, 14 and hang up. 15 in Worcester and 16 in Boston and Cambridge. It's 11 35. Despite ongoing pressure from Republicans to downsize President Biden's $1.9.

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