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Now straight up and we when i went john speech dot com when i went out there and got all my own servers and i kept asking these. It people in these these guys going. Is there anything else. I can buy to make this the safest secure able to handle the boy two of these four these. I go gimme six of them. In twelve of these are not taking any chances. I'm not taking any chances and we don't worry about what amazon's gonna do to a sir apple's going to try to do to answer or are all these other platforms or your googles of the world. Google google has just taken over. I can't even buy my own name. Mike lindell and camp by the edward. Mike labelle these are the things that are out there but everybody seeing what's happening to me out there which you're banning of twitter and facebook. When i put up absolute proof they put a shield over it suck about from facebook mark zuckerberg he put a face shield at said contains porno pornographic porn and nudity. This was the sharing. Your rates went through the roof. Because that's why people go to facebook. Let me let me ask you mike. Why would i want to say this. I wanna say this with all with all these platforms. It's not just mike lindell. Losing that are you. Eric are all these other implants ease. They went right down to the very smallest person with a podcast and eliminated some of these people that a lot of them. That's their whole livelihood. They might have to employ themselves. It's very sad now. It's a horrifying thing and clearly when you talk about. Climate vaccine border. They are or election integrity. They seem to be working for the biden administration. I mean why would they pick these four things and not only say we have a point of view. But we're going to ban you from discussing. I can't put this video on youtube. Because they're gonna they're gonna say even having mike lindell on so they've knocked me off a number of times look folks frank speech dot com is coming. We're gonna by the way we're gonna keep you over for a few more minutes. Mike lindell frank speech dot com is coming in. I believe it's going to be the most comfortable social media experience.

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