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Like Jordan Howard running back for the Chicago Bears is joining us right now on the show. Jordan, welcome to the show. Jordan big game today in Minnesota divisional opponent, and it's a game where there really wasn't a whole lot to gain for for you guys. Once the savings were locked up. But how important was it for your team yet the conference to be able to go into the playoffs coming off a nice win? Carpet, we will up on the way back in the game. And it's always good to be arrive up. Often been in the playoffs. So there's definitely. Our twenty one carries one hundred and nine yards in the twenty four ten victory over the Vikings. And what was the key to getting their running game going today against the Vikings defensive front? Oh you game. Play. We go committed early. Second play of the game. Got like got a good game. Position and Peter make the play and then got a fear. What's the relationship like with your backfield? Make Tariq when you guys are so different as far as you're running styles when your power slash near the big workhorse. And he is the guy that does it in a variety of ways, what's your relationship? Like, what type of respect for the guy? Arlene, great respect for him. He's known to do so many things I wish I could just feed obvious. We're talking to Jordan Howard running back for the Chicago Bears. Jordan what were the expectations going into the season? Because I know a lot of people thought the Vikings were the Packers going to top the NFC north. For me entertained, whatever the NFC, nor everyone go to play off everywhere. We knew anybody a lot of people didn't really thing we could do it in overlook doesn't sell. But that's okay. 'cause underdog always come out on top. What's the what does Mitchell Trubisky brain to your team's young quarterback? I can do with his legs. He has a strong arm. It doesn't always have necessarily the biggest passing stats. Well, what does he bring to that offense? He just always points. He makes players especially when we did him. No matter who who's it a game or something like that is somebody who has a lot of spirit. He's on a trusted them to make a play by play. He just always. Something happen in Jordan lasts before. We let you go. A lot of people are talking about coach of the year candidates Matt night. He's up there with anybody. Give us your pitch on. Why you think he's so good? He's a he's a very competitive came in their fire and stuff like that. He had a plan for us in goals person. What is help achieve that? But yes. Motivator. Like goes all in and stuff like he doesn't. He's never companies. I was just very confident that we can beat anybody. Do anything. Jordan. Thanks for joining us on the show. Congrats on the win twenty four to ten over the Minnesota. Vikings luck and going into the playoffs this season. Thank you. You know, what I wanted to ask Jordan was now they're going to be playing the eagles. How does it feel to help? The eagles. You help the eagles get in the playoffs. Now, you have to play against them. Oh, yeah. A lot to do with who they're going to play. Whether it was the Vikings or the eagles Philly obviously needed to get that win. But you'll Minnesota they were found a way to beat them back to back. I don't know if that's something that the bears have been interested in. I I don't think that that's something any team is really interested in when you have to play somebody two weeks in a row, so not necessarily the best situation for Chicago. But now they get a chance to play the eagles. They've got a good run game. They have young talented quarterback. Eagles are a little bit nicked up and beat up to see exactly what's going to happen. But you know, their quarterback situation of foles will be healthy. Or if they'll try to slide Carson Wentz back in their award. If it could be the third stringer Nate subtle, but I like the Chicago Bears and what they bring to the table. Now, he's obviously very talented coach. And they've got a lot of good players on that offense. I think it's going to be a really good up coming into or that game against the Chicago Bears in the Philadelphia Eagles because you just can't keep count the eagles out. I bet the bears are going to be favored. But you just never know what they're going to do coming into it. And I'm assuming that Nick foles is going to be. Okay. And he'll be starting for the Philadelphia Eagles in that playoff game. But on the other end, I know the Minnesota Vikings lost. And and I and I asked Jordan Howard. The question of a lot of people saw coming into the season. It was going to be the Minnesota Vikings or the Green Bay Packers that were going to top this division. But instead it is the Chicago Bears. And you know, if you're sitting at home if you're one of the Minnesota Vikings, I mean, Bobby where do you go from here? How do you what needs to be done to help them rebuild their team or get back to an NFC championship? Like they were just there last year. Talent. They do have the talent their offensive line struggled immensely this year. They lost. Tony speranza. Oh who was their offense of line coach before the season, you know, his unexpected unfortunate passing. You know, everybody acts like you just continue from last season. I do think that there is a point where you can build momentum. Like it was important for the Cleveland Browns, the finish strongly. I think that that was really important for them moving forward in their progression. Been great for them to get a win today. But the Minnesota Vikings went to the NFC AFC NFC championship last year. Loss to the eagles. It's crazy. He goes go win the Super Bowl all really needed. They thought was a quarterback. Well, the problem is like no two teams are like you may be wearing the same uniform. Same jersey the same helmet. A lot of the players may be the same and have the same names. But their relationships are going to be different. What you ask guy to do is going to be a little bit different in some usually get some breaks in some years. You don't. And so when those things start to happen like everybody actually gets just all through this quarterback in here. We're better deposition were the same everywhere else. We upgraded here there, and we're going to be good. You have injuries. Maybe you lose a game that you would have won the year before. And it's impossible to understand. How those things we're going to be going to react to them. It's such an organic process building a team, and it starts anew each and every season. So I know the Minnesota Vikings are disappointed they'll probably look back. And I don't think they're going to blow up this team by any stretch. They're gonna look at areas that they're deficient. How can they get better on most notably the offensive line because it's one that's not talked about unless it's not very good. They've got a lot of weapons around. Kirk cousins, I don't not dumping this loss all on his feet. I'm not saying that he's the reason he needed to be played better times they need help. And defensively. They're beat up Xavier Rhodes was up throughout the year. Everson griffen. Missed some time some personal issues. They've got to figure out what it is for them. And I think it starts with the offensive line. I think you said something really important because sometimes as fans we have this insatiable appetite where we do expect for you to be the exact same way that you were the last year, and we we we almost demanded of you, and it is very unfair. And I love what you said. It's just because you're wearing the same uniform doesn't mean you're the exact same team if you would have that gray suit on twenty nine. As. They can't see. Next year. You're going to be a different person than you are right now, your experiences going change, you you get a little bit older. You're never as young as you're going to be as you are right now race remember that that's the reality in life. This reality sports, Debbie Downer. Right. My goodness. Almost a new last show two thousand eighteen for us. We're dropping reality bombs on everybody. I need let everybody know. That's how it is. And I'm wearing well, let's shift the focus shift. The negativity onto something else. Did did, you know because let's let's talk quarterbacks is what they what the Vikings did do a replace case keenum after making it to the NFC champion JV ship with Kirk cousins who is one of the highest payed quarterbacks right now, if not the highest paid, I'm not quite sure. But here's a statistic, none of the six highest paid quarterbacks made the playoffs. That's Aaron Rodgers. Matt Ryan Kirk cousins, Jimmy G, Matt Stafford Derek Carr. I mean, maybe that's not the answer. Well, you need great quarterbacks. And you need great quarterback play to be able to have success. Like, that's the reality. A great quarterbacks aren't being paid. But aren't let's look at what I just said. Somehow drew Brees is on that list. I don't know how accurate that is. Maybe getting some bad information. Drew Brees is right there if he's not right on the outside. I'm not exactly sure what he's making. Here's the thing. Jared Goff on a rookie deal. Mitchell Trubisky on a rookie deal dot Prescott on a rookie deal. Carson Wentz on a rookie deal. Nick foles a backup fell starting. He's he's third string guy. You look at the AFC Kansas City. Pat Mahomes on a rookie deal. Tom Brady, historically took less money. So this team can always fill out pieces around him to Shawn Watson on a rookie deal. Lamar Jackson on a rookie deal. And then you have to figure out obviously, Indianapolis in Tennessee, Tennessee has Marcus mariota on a rookie deal. Andrew luck gets paid pretty well. Philip rivers gets paid pretty well. But most. Those guys we talked about what did I keep saying on? Because you can pay a lot of other guys. And if you think you have the right guy, you go all in all in early. You saw him do it out in Los Angeles. You saw him doing Kansas City. They're doing it in Houston. I bet Cleveland's in that in that boat next year. No, yeah. You gotta cheat quarterback. We think he's pretty good flood him with talent. And we'll see if we can steal a Super Bowl. We'll worry about a roster when we have to pay them. What that looks like then? But let's try to do it while these guys are cheap now and just to answer what you said before drew Brees is the seventh highest paid. So you're right there. He was right on the cusp look at you, Bobby. All right coming up next. A more than just a pretty face. You said you're just a pretty face. Okay. So I get I get trashed for wearing the gray suit. But you get complimented for telling yourself are giving yourself the government of having a pretty face. Okay. Enough of you Bobby joining us right now on the shell Pennzoil performance line. We have Dante Fowler with us for them from the Los Angeles Rams. Hey, what's up? Congrats on the win. Today. Defense doing a good job there early. Obviously San Francisco getting on the board a little bit later in the game. How does your experience from last year's AFC Ron helped this help this young Rams defense? Oh, you know, just mentality is just you know, what we have to get done. You know to win games of like this week coast. Mcveigh did a really good job of emphasizing that most..

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