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Yeah they're gesture debts all fresher than we're used to i mean that just the california restaurants are getting fresher vegetables and and uh seafood and things like that everything so yeah that's a big part of it but yet by the there are definitely hyon restaurants in san francisco but there are also sort of holeinthewall places that have great food to sell any any business takeaways from your trip renault no not no nice can you people are people are spending money that would be one eye is so we were there on the river and men there is a lot of commerce going up and down the river okay huge boats just constantly go in and out their business being conducted in this country that's good header and and i think that that will so the last time that i was there was uh about eight months after katrina an and new there was less of a vibe of just business is booming jaba think so yeah that makes sense so i i receive you recently because and and and i maybe this is a touching a nerve based on before we started taping there was a lively conversation about the movie elf and a by rethinking you recently because my family got together we watched elf and you've made the point that elf is among other things a way to introduce younger people to bob newhart who plays the body else father he's he's the else dial poppa elf and so i was listening to a podcast recently an episode of greg fitzsimmons who's a comedian and he has a podcast where he usually is interviewing other comedians and in this case it was judd appetito whose.

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