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At what it would take for us to get back to normal in the wake of call of it nineteen Dr Beth Halloran says we would need to test half the people who show symptoms and trace at least twenty to forty percent of their contact not overrun our health system people still get sick and some very few people percentage wise you have to be isolated at any given time and people who go back to work start most of them often she says it depends on how fast we could ramp up testing in contact tracing which have been the biggest issues well it was life care center in Kirkland were covert nineteen ran rampant in late February early March it became clear how deadly the virus could be for elderly residents and staff in those first of these thirty seven people connected to the center lost their lives two months later the president and CEO of the American health care association mark Parkinson says they are only now just getting the attention of priority that should have come long ago unfortunately our cultures because week thirteen how residents and staff were not at the highest priority level for Kobe testing and that has led to tragic results last week the Wall Street journal reported at least ten thousand seven hundred fatalities that assisted care homes among thirty five states that responded to information request Washington state was not included in those numbers appetite is expert says there is a correlation between cove it nineteen and the rise of hepatitis a and B. in king county one disease can't give you the other but couples met market says a lack of bathrooms for the homeless is playing a role in his latest numbers show that seventy percent.

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