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U. marks Hebrew oxy cold leap ray lot a lot of that the ball I think was more keep was a multi plan I think it was Mookie Mookie and appalls a line drive to the movies and Apollo was not like it was a hit lower case you string type catch he catches the ball like high level with gorgeous takes off and gets doubled up easily yeah he had no idea it was like the like Mookie to know how many outs there were either either that or I think was happening take Mookie new door was dead it just kept running and running and running and I think he was thinking about taking it himself to make it on the system double play energy just flips it to what extent the wagon was sent to any two animals which your yeah that's a big spot in the game it's the final one you're one game game game five of the NLCS and you know knowing Mike Scott's going to be available for game seven it's kind of the same thing is game six you don't win this game at home and I got to go beat the Astros twice at the Astrodome including beating Mike Scott in the middle offense in this game are nothing they showed us that I thought this is their standard during the sixteen inning game during a panic which is that the next day at some point as I'm watching it they showed us that we're at this point in the series the Mets in it like one sixty five yeah we had a three games to two lead this series anyway they hit like one sixty five as a team well in the first eleven innings of this game first eleven innings they had two base hits the entire game right the Daryl home run which was obviously monstrous which was the first if they got in the game right which broke up the Nolan Ryan no we've been the fifth running if you were thinking that I think he had a base in the seventh any outside of that they did nothing against Ryan they didn't have anything against Charlie Kerr felt when he first came in right and then obviously in the twelfth inning they come through Hey helped out by the fact your current bill throws the ball away yeah trying to pick up back middle first base right and then that leads to the Hernandez intentional walking here's Gary Carter's got one hit the entire series yeah and he comes up with the game winner which obviously set the stage for the game six victory in the Mets one of the panel but that was a hell of a game to watch back oh my god I mean you look just think about it I mean you two games that they played they played at the plate is twelve inning game the day before then they got a jump on a plane and fly to Houston for a game that's another afternoon game it's going to start you actually start at three o'clock eastern time I guess it was three o'clock eastern time yes yes detectives thought so I mean you know in any place sixty more ratings and you what you watch is better and I still want a moment so I I watch the I watched it a couple times it was painful but at the Billy Hatcher home run which always like resonates with me because I I thought I thought they finally wanted and and it was just like I did you talk about still in disbelief when this happens but how Jesse Roscoe Hong ark over the last three innings stood to finally get out of that game in in Houston yes Hong Kong for three innings which is basically what he did can you see the day before in game five Jesse pitched two innings so they all got dad one eight zero days rest winnings the day before this way in in today's baseball you think he's a veil is he available for game six of the pitch of the winnings are you kidding oh man there's no shot the the the thing I love scene was a Shea Stadium but B. I mentioned how the weather was terrible but as the day was going on the sun starts got better yeah because you've got the sun out right doc on the mound playoff game Shea Stadium I loved it I really enjoyed watching that we get to see she stayed out of the O. okay T. stadium I get why they're not there anymore I understand the modern come from new buildings we noticed you I I and I and I understand only giant stadium where I don't understand it I do understand the beauty of the new Citi field in Yankee Stadium at your convenience well you really thought that there which I stated as they gotta put luxury boxes they gotta have chandeliers of the state in which every football stadium the channel is here's the problem here's the issue with the chandeliers it at MetLife stadium when I walk into city field we walk in Yankee Stadium yes fans say you know what I love the old place but this is more convenient this nicer it's also he's the owner thinks whoever Yankee Stadium you know it it's the Yankees Citi field it's the Mets you go with the met life you know it's a jets fan especially while you know it's to me it's still the giants you know okay so this I can totally see why you disagree with me on but I think this is our age so I did watch the Monday night miracle and right you know I was at the old giants things that the old giant stadium we should probably we can get into it tomorrow because I think a lot of people actually watch it tonight with the jet tearing it but here's the thing Giants Stadium I know this is so bizarre to say Giants Stadium is my home as a jet fan sure I look at it I understand I can see it right right it's one word around his when they were at Shea Stadium they left the you you will pull up the year after you were born or rice or some of the year after I was born eighty four that they run right and I'd seen old clips of them playing hockey stadium and it's weird it's weird to see I can see why that would be awesome I can see why that would be cool but it's not mine to to anybody in my age demographic or even a little bit younger or maybe even a little bit older I see the clips of giant stadium and I guess I gotta admit I get a little melancholy Ford and I say yeah that's really the giant place I get it but it was ours too young that life is this in this sept the off just it's nothing it doesn't give me anything as a fan I could agree more men I I I you know what you want to say it's it's it's and it's not even like a good looking stadium well and it's not like there's a complex around the yeah I understand it could have that ball the whatever to call out there with the ski slope and all and I get it okay but still I mean you know it's it's not like it's right there and you still got a little bit of a walk if you want to walk from the stadium to get to the mall you know so it it's it's just like and it is nothing you know what I mean yeah it's watching an old jet game or giant came I look at Giants Stadium and I say I miss it and I wish it was there when I watch it all matter Yankee game at the old city stadium in Yankee Stadium I miss it but I understand why it's not there I just have a very difficult time on the jet and giant and more than a dozen the met the Yankee N. but it's really cool watching an old game in C. and J. statement I I think of it a pitchers duel mode because I tweeted this the other day because of young people have got quested Hey name meal games you're gonna watch so that you know a lot you too and when you talk about it they had watched as well the other game I really want to rewatch was game five of the ninety six World Series one nothing Yankees Braves talk about another old stadium right all right Fulton County stadium the small static game recaps the Smalls Pettit game sorry what's that sometime this week right away let me just say right now if you got if you if your home right now on MLB network they have give up your Yankee fan you want to see it is but they have game five of the old for ALCS at Fenway game no there's no yeah how do you want to see that but that's a that's honorable I watched a couple innings of it and I know that I you know I said I was coming out here he is so yeah I don't know again if you're a red Sox fan if she would yeah your Yankee fan maybe you want to see just to see the old you know Yankees role for I don't know if you do but it's not well it's a painful game obviously yeah it's like Hey I met right and would you like to watch game seven of the six LCS body to talking about you know because obviously we gave a job walking he's talking about Hey gal lighters the only game so on fox and it sounds like a lighter and they're talking about web page as a free agent the other year now this might be his last the red Sox are going on and it talking about well you know because I was like well he could be a Yankee next year and it buckles while you're here and you're here in the Yankees and the angels and because he wants a call to the mat so they never even mention the medal not even a mention I'm trying to think back to that moment what we were thinking we did we think the Mets were going have to Pedro I'm sure we did yeah probably not little did we know the Mets were actually gonna open up the bank during that offseason all right and do what they did yeah we'll come back we'll get your calls at eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six we'll check in our body eighty see how he's doing with all of this and then also talk will match within the Noah Syndergaard injury and probably go back in history as well he's cover this team for a very long time and also we'll talk football with a red Sox would have to use all right side you could talk the old Celtics whatever you got a lot of things that the old patriot still talk about paper really you want to go back with Eddie if you want to do that got it all yeah we can do it all with that yeah yeah I'll talk to Mike Lombardi a little bit later on as well on the NFL but in going Roberts here in the afternoon until six o'clock tonight with a ten ten wins A. M. corona virus update I'm Susan Richard the U. S. N. S. comfort arrives at pier ninety bringing another one thousand hospital beds to the coronavirus fight in the city and the thousand bed hospital at the Javits center gets up and running today for twenty four hour coverage would attend Wednesday M..

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