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Where you could win a thousand dollars yeah that's coming up next I mean when should I really need to stop to get back to I need to charge come in to say next we need a way the big gap between us and a game in the next life insurance they pay the place is really just let we might the scene they want to change always good what it showing it J. son when I money into your own when you think it's all in the mall it is if you really want to do how do six figures in they just let these how to rid us fall festivals day in Vegas camp well no we got canceled all in the neighborhood right now it's going down we got a quiz in the neighborhood is beginning our exclusive we Connie is going to be seven twenty and we went there are writing trust me we're not talking about just out when Jesus came I can't talk about Jesus is king the album we know that the album is is here it's coming so we have a lot to talk about and as at seven twenty hour kind US exclusive right now can't club not take it because I hate to inform again I date what other nicknames does cognac call himself all right let's bring Tony into the name Tony how long Ole hello there Tony that he went way is what are the names of Kanye columns of nickname live Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton down yeah we can't in there was a lot of them so they would be easy yay you know yeah easy everything everything are on your way to cancel out and also congratulations to you all right now he is game the neighborhood man we is ideally what to say who doesn't care about black people fourteen ninety eight west of courting a kind game who doesn't care about black people and I will give you guys a heads up we talked about that too you don't know Sam at seven twenty once again hi there who doesn't care about black people according to Kanye west all right I need to do is is going down got up a six six two four six eight nine three big point.

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