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Hello, everybody happy Friday. Welcome in to the NBA front office show. We've got a lot to break down today as usual Keith. I know you've got a certain web slinger to go see in the theaters. I'm so jealous. I can't. My daughter's 5. I can't take her to these kind of movies, just yet, but at some point I will get to go see it. I've heard amazing things. So you're going to have to let me know how it is. Well, dude, yeah, well, I will let you know without spoiling anything so much. Yeah, I was like, we're actually going today and tomorrow. I was just a kind of happy accident. But yeah, we're excited. It's going to be good. So we're both fired up where we're headed out of here in about an hour. So you're not going to get a super long show today. So it'll be good for everybody. We send off into the weekend with all the news you need to know. All right, well, let's get into some NBA news. Then I guess start things off with the New York Knicks. You know, we talked about them yesterday as a team that they're not quite living up to expectations they're a team that would probably be a buyer right now out on the market and indeed here we have a rumor that they are a team that could be interested in Eric Gordon. He was one of our most likely players to be traded. We talked about the contract and how that could potentially be a little bit of a sticking point for him in a deal with teams, but the next potentially interested in him and Derek rose in particular a driving force behind the Knicks going after him potentially. And it would be an interesting landing spot. I think Eric Gordon is still a good player. Somebody that can help you out. And if you're a Knicks team that is desperate to get back into the playoffs, just like they got their last year. He would make some sense. Yeah, absolutely. Derek gross stuff. I hadn't heard about prior to this. I didn't know that they were AAU teammates. So that was an interesting to learn there. And we see this pretty regularly in the league where guys of they've played with somebody, and then they want to re link up with them, whether it be a college teammate or in this case AU. I think what raises my eyebrows a little bit here is we talked about this being kind of a two year window for the next because most of the contracts they signed this summer had a team option for the 23 24 season. So it was really this year next. And that kind of fits with Eric Gordon because it's not a true team option, but he's got that non guaranteed year..

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