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It's time to light the lights. It's time to listen to me geek. Out about the muppet show tonight. The day was sunday. September fifth nineteen seventy six. The muppet show created by american puppeteer and filmmaker. Jim henson made its world premiere. On itv's stations throughout the united kingdom taking the form of a vaudeville inspired variety. Show complete with comedic sketches and musical performances. The show introduced audiences to future. Pop culture icons like kermit the frog gonzo miss piggy fosse bear and the swedish chef prior to the show's debut. Henson had made two tv specials featuring the muppets characters for the american broadcasting company or abc. The first special titled the muppets. Valentine show aired in nineteen seventy four and featured sketches riffing on romance in the idea of true love. the second special was an edgier affair and was given the tongue in cheek. Title the muppet show sex and violence it aired in hundred seventy five and use sketches based on the seven deadly sins as a way to parody the vulgarity of contemporary tv however neither special was well received prompting abc and the other american networks to pass on producing the muppet show as a regular series undeterred. Henson took the project abroad to british television. The show's success during its initial two weeks on the air lead. Us networks to rethink their decision and on september twentieth. The show began airing in syndication on. Cbs stations the first episode to air in the uk featured guest host. Joel grey an actor and singer. Best known for his role. As the master of ceremonies in both the broadway and film productions of the musical cabaret for the us premiere episode. The guest host was fellow musical. Star rita moreno. Who would go on to win an emmy for her appearance on the show. Each of the one hundred and twenty episodes of the muppet show's five season run featured a different celebrity host to make the most of their one and only appearance on the show. Guests would frequently request to appear in scenes with their favourite muppet. Miss piggy was said to be the most requested but animal. The drummer for the muppets. House band was a close runner up. Some of the most memorable hosts to grace. The muppet theater. Include julie andrews johnny cash vincent price bernadette peters monty python star. John cleese and sir elton john. Although the is live act premise made it seem like it was filmed before a full studio audience. The lengthy production time for each sequence made that impossible to preserve the illusion. though a laugh track was added. Henson was not a fan of the convention but conceded that it did help the flow of the show. His compromise was to occasionally poke fun at the laugh. Track like in season one. When kermit says that it's up to the laugh track whether the show is funny or not. The muppet show provided breakout roles for zini cast of characters. But for some of them. It wasn't their first appearance. Two decades earlier in nineteen fifty five. Jim henson created the muppets for a five minute. Tv show called sam and friends. It was aired twice a day for six years on an nbc station in washington dc. The show's star. Sam was a humanoid puppet who never achieved lasting fame but kermit. A friend of sam was a different story. Made from ping pong balls in an old coat donated. By henson's mother kermit was not yet a frog. But in abstract lizard like creature who lacked his trademark flippers and pointy collar when salmon friends ceased production. Henson's muppets began making regular appearances on the today show and on late night. Talk shows like the ed sullivan show in nineteen sixty nine kermit and a group of new muppets characters. Joined the first season. Cast of a children's show called sesame street as a career move working on the project. Seemed like a no brainer yet. Henson was reluctant to job speaking to a reporter that year. He explained his hesitation. Saying what i'm against is people thinking that puppets are exclusively for children. We've directed our work mostly towards adults. And historically puppets have often been for adults it's only fairly recently. The puppets have been pushed into strictly children's areas. As a theater form puppetry can do virtually anything thankfully for fans of big bird and friends. The show's co-creator. Joan ganz cooney was able to win over jim henson. She pointed out that. If sesame street did well he'd be able to leverage that success insecure funding for his own projects. She told him. Trust me. jim. It's just around the corner. You're not gonna be stuck in little kitty entertainment in time. Cooney was proven right less than a decade. After sesame street premiered henson was able to launch his own more subversive project. Something we know today as the muppet show. I'm gabe loose..

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