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For Tuesday over an education Bill that they view as retaliation for a nine day walkout last year. Teachers one a five percent pay raise after last year's strike. Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner who was caught in a sexting scandal has been released from federal president, Massachusetts and is back in the York. The ones rising star in the Democratic Party was convicted of having illicit online contact with a fifteen year old North Carolina girl in two thousand seventeen he was sentenced to twenty one months in a federal medical center. The bureau of prisons now says Anthony Weiner is in the custody of its residential reentry management office in Brooklyn New York with a release date in may at the time of his sentencing Weiner was told he'd spent three years on supervised release, and we'll pay ten thousand dollar fine. And we'll have. To register as a sex offender. Julie Walker New York Wisconsin governor Taty Everts says that he wants to decriminalize marijuana. I'm announcing today that in our budget. We will decriminalize possession of marijuana in amounts of twenty five grams or less. And we'll also be creating a path for expunge moment for these crimes for those who've completed their sentence or probation. The governor says medical marijuana can help people I believe, and I know the people Wisconsin overwhelmingly believe that people shouldn't be treated like criminals for accessing medicine that can change or maybe even save their lives. Abors? Well proposed decriminalizing marijuana. It is planned for the next state budget as part of an overhaul of marijuana laws that would legalize it for medical conditions, including cancer post, traumatic stress disorder.

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