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Welcome back to it's all about the money. Honey, if you're just now joining us, Thank you so much. We so appreciate you being here. My co host is always is the king of finance himself, Mr Damon King. And today we're welcoming 2021. So, Damon tears. We have something going online because yes, we have to have you heard the claim. Credit going on. We got the hats. We've got Chuck collectors from premium Gugu. This one's called the Howie. They're handmade in Nashville, Tennessee. Our clients loved. Yeah, those the ones we sent to our clients. They love them, and I You see there If you join the chapel would family is a client? Not only do you get top notch wealth management, you gets food so way, said popcorn earlier in the year, So yeah, it's gonna be fun. Okay, So we've been talking about the new year and how optimistic that we have. We are in many, many areas. However, there's more than just You know, the three steps we've covered. So if you haven't been with us, please go watch on Facebook, and we talk about the three financial steps that you really must take in the 1st 90 days of 2021. We've talked a little bit. What has you know us all excited. We're going to share a little bit more about that. We shared how George Ross is going to be our very special guests. George Ross. From the Apprentice. If you're a big fan of that, I am But the George Ross real estate guru, he's real estate attorney. Very, very successful author of two books. He is the well known as the Right hand, Man. Donald Trump for 47 years, So he's a very interesting gentleman. He is going to be with us on February 17th. So mark your calendars go to chapel with dot com to.

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