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The democracy audio recordings of that call Show the president pleading with Brad Rations Burger to find 11,000 plus votes in Georgia. Sanders also says Congress will confirm President elect Joe Biden's victory despite Republican efforts to object to the electoral college who are not doing that So at the end of the day, we're gonna end up with 188 90 votes making clear that Biden was elected President Sandra claiming Republicans just doing it for name recognition for future presidential campaigns. The House has said it meet on Wednesday to ratify electoral college results. All political eyes are on Georgia one day before the duel runoff elections that will determine control the Senate If either of the Republican incumbents, Kelly Leffler or David Perdue, way in the GOP will keep its Senate majority. Democrats are counting on newcomers Jonah's AFF and Raphael Warnock to give them said it control and Joe Biden a leg up once he takes office. Biden will be there today as well. President Trump a day after pushing Georgia Secretary of State Brad Rapids Burger to find enough votes to overturn Biden's win in the presidential race. As the president continues railing without evidence of Georgia electoral fraud, Rapids Burger tells the AP The president's focus should be on turning out GOP voters tomorrow vote will count will be counted correctly. SOCCER MAHOGANY Washington Special elections been called in the 19th Suffolk district fill the vacancy. Was by the resignation of former Speaker of the House Robert Leo. Primaries will be held March 2nd No excuse of voting by mail will be available for both the special state primary and the special state election deadline for submitting nomination papers and the local registrar's office for voters. Is January. 19th Last data file certified nomination papers with Secretary of the Commonwealth is January 26 special election will be held March 30th President Trump rewarding one of his allies today. The president giving a prestigious medal to a Republican congressman President Trump on Monday awarded the presidential Medal of Freedom to a loyal ally on Capitol Hill. Republican Congressman Devin Nunez. The metal is the nation's highest civilian honor. President's given this award to friends and allies, including Rush Limbaugh, a common theme among recipients has been public support for the president. Nunez sparked controversy with his investigation into the Russia probe. The California Republican alleging there was anti trump bias of the FBI and the Justice Department. In a statement, the White House claims that Nunes quote uncovered the greatest scandal in American history. Karen Travers ABC NEWS Washington 3 49 50 Court step in when there's a Employment dispute involving someone who works for religious institution. That was the question before members of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court this morning as they heard a case related to Gordon College on the North Shore. Margaret Dewey's Boyd, a former associate professor of Gordon College, says she was wrongly denied a promotion and initiated legal action. But Attorney Eric Baxter argued the court should not intervene because the Christian College Gordon College, under the Constitution's ministerial exception has the right to make independent decisions concerning its employees. When employees plays a ministerial role or has an important religious rule. The ministerial exception bars the court from interfering in the employment decision, regardless of the reason for the adverse employment action, But the professor's attorney says she had no ministerial function. She was just teaching social work. The question the court has to decide given the right to the First Amendment is whether they should step in when there's a dispute involving an employee of a religious institution. Carl Stevens. WBC Boston's news radio. As Corona virus vaccines continued to be administered Cambridge Baseball Journal says it'll increase the number of Corona virus vaccines it will produce this year. The company says at least 600 million doses will be made. That's a 20% increase. It comes as the company's looking to produce up to a billion doses in 2021. U. S will get 100 million doses by the end of March. Another 100 million are expected by June. Administer the shot or face of fine the governor of New York today, warning hospitals to vaccinate faster when hospitals take possession of a Corona virus vaccine Governor Andrew Cuomo is now giving them one way to use it or face of $100,000. Fine. We need them. To administer the vaccines faster if hospitals failed to vaccinate quickly, Cuomo said the state would move the vaccine elsewhere. You have the allocation. We wanted in people's arms as soon as possible. More than two million people in this state are currently eligible to be vaccinated. So far about 300,000 have been Aaron Keter. SKI ABC NEWS New YORK Staying informed.

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