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We watch. Do you really know what time do you all watch it, uh, usually around seven o'clock, and the caffeine doesn't keep you up all night. Not me. Okay? You guys mentioned this weekend that you're going to watch Jaws, right? Yeah, absolutely Forgot to live. Okay, let's let's synchronize our time. So Becky and I can also watch. Okay? Yes, This will be like when we're kids, and everybody saw Wizard of Oz on the same day. A idea? Yes. So everybody listening. Let's watch Joe, let's set up a time. Everyone can watch Jaws and we can talk about it Monday or text each other. No, don't like you said, Let's open up to everybody. Just say yes, everybody was. We're all going to watch Jaws at X. Yes, yes, And it really is the perfect Fourth of July movie. Is it? Not? No one absolutely is. I mean, they have another one. Some would say, Independence Day, but okay, that's in there. That's in there, but some which they born on the fourth of July. That's it. I didn't like that A little dark. Didn't like that movie at all. I wasn't a big fan at all. I mean, Tom Cruise is great in. Oh, sure. Oh, my gosh. No, I didn't like it at all. What else? Um, let's see. Should we do this on Monday when we're all off? Should it be on Sunday? I think Monday is on Sunday, though. Correct is Yeah. Okay. We're off Monday. Well, you're going to be barbecuing and drinking. You're not going to be okay. So let's do it Monday might be, uh, will be on Monday Thing. Watch twice. Let's watch it on Monday because I may or may not be hammered on no boating accident and it wasn't Jack the Ripper. We've got until Friday to figure out of time. So if anyone has suggestions reach out on social media, I I showed white last year lost movie clips. Okay, let me ask from Jaws that they had cut from the movie because they thought it was too graphic. I'm gonna ask you both a question if you get the answer. I'll kiss your rear end on Broadway at five o'clock, Okay? I don't want to answer the question. Of course you do. Who was the harbormaster in jaw? Oh, Cox, you know? No. You can see it. I can see it on your face. You can see the sign. Oh, Oh, damn you. The harbormaster is, um Frank. No, It's not Frank. Who is it? Frank? Sylvia. What? Frank? Sylvia, is it? It was right. It was Frank. Right? It was Frank. Okay? And I love the big fat guy that goes What? I'm your boy. It's a word. It's a what? It's a tiger shark. It's a word. Uh, like when Dreyfuss goes, I'm looking for a good He's on the end of the pier. Get you point me in direction of a good hotel. Yeah. Take five steps forward. All right, man. We love jaws, That's for sure. We love our money. Let's find out with the Bloomberg money minutes. Got to say about what's happening with trading today are NewsRadio 8 40. W. H A. S. This is a Bloomberg money minute. A new study seeks to put a price on the global tourism crash. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, says the slump in tourism caused by the pandemic. Could drain as much as $4 trillion from the world economy for 2020 and 2021. Lot of young people in what is sometimes called the rent forever generation are hoping to become homeowners. Zillow survey found that Millennials and Gen Z ears were able to save some money during the pandemic, and three out of five of them plan to put that money towards a down payment on a home. We all have individual recollections of the pandemic. But how will covid 19 be seen by future generations? All around the world? Museums are starting to consider how to memorialize an event that's not over Yet Curator is have begun to collect and display artifacts that reflect some of the experiences. Stock market is starting out mixed this morning, Jeff Bellenger Bloomberg radio. You heard you could save big when you bundle home and auto with progressive. So you went online to check it out. But then you saw a link for a survey about which type of bread.

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