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Thirteen, ten I'll be right back. Let's see how viable. This idea would be it all depends. The idea is to recall. Tony. And all depends on whether or not people are willing to circulate petitions whether people are willing to. Sign up and volunteer to do this to go. Stand outside a grocery store or Walmart or something like that and get petition signed. In and to do this, I think would absolutely. It would amp up an angry conservative base that right now has nothing to do with their frustration, and the frustration is everything by the way from being told a get on their knees. Let Their police forces be defended by the way the figurehead of that movement in Wisconsin's Tony. Never mind. The governor is single handedly responsible for making sure that we are in a world of hurt. When it comes to our economy, our our families jobs. Our livelihoods sue from Vernon. Thank you for calling welcome to the program. You'll so so go sue sorry I personally would be willing to do that and my second question is. I would hope that we have a lot of helpers. Out there, still waiting for unemployment, would they not be a good chunk of them willing to help with sure like this? Don't use facebook. There's a facebook page I looked at because I have a grandson whose waiting. It's not critical like some folks I. Get it, but the facebook page out there where the all conversing all the time everything going Stewart problems and you know calling and on. On hold and connected at five o'clock, and on and I, and I would think you know that would be another good communication mechanism. Get people interested. Yeah, I also think it is a way for the Republicans to get their message out even though this wouldn't be republican per se because the GOP. The party's not going to be part of this. Just like the party technically wasn't part. Part of it when they went after Scott Walker, but yeah, I think this is also a way to expose people who might be in a kind of a political narrative vacuum to a different perspective and and Joss. Listening to people explain what the problem is with this guy and the problem is with this guy. He doesn't want to govern Wisconsin. He wants to rule Wisconsin he's now teeing. teeing up.

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