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Me look at myself as a free man Follow me on Twitter at rev CL Bryant Thought or of course you can follow me on Twitter at rev CL Bryant So let's be clear Thank you for that Eric Rev CL kleon Lewis I got a big smile on my face when you see L stands for kleon fluid When I was watching the mets as a kid one of the Cameron hitters was cleon Jones and I have not heard that name in a while so your name is cleon Lewis you go by CL Bryant I want to ask you also about the film runaway slave talk about that and where people can watch it This is important It is because it is a film that was way before it's time Everyone is in it from doctor Thomas soul Glenn Beck Herman Cain Alan west star Parker alvida king everyone's in this film And even Al sharpton and Jesse Jackson are in it You can go to runaway sleep We should watch it anyway You're telling me Absolutely Watch it And you can get it off Amazon If we run away slave we'll tell me so you came out ten years ago won a lot of awards A tell folks about it because I know a lot of people won't have seen it So we want to make that possible for them to check it out So they get to know you too Absolutely It's a movie that directs the way for black people to recognize the type of tyranny that has been surrounding them for the last 60 I'll forgive me I thought we were in a longer segment Folks let's put a pin in it We'll be right back with CL Bryan talking about his film runaway slave Love is a burning thing Hi I'm marisol on it with your healthy choices minute sponsored by prescription dispensing lives Lung health is more important today than ever before However most of us are not aware of the few basic steps to improve our lungs by practicing proper breathing Practice deep breathing by slowly inhaling and expand your chest and exhale completely Stay hydrated it helps the lining of your lungs or lung tissues have a high affinity for antioxidants such as in acetylcysteine or.

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