Sirhan Sirhan, President Trump, Senator Kennedy discussed on Coast to Coast AM


That clip that we just heard from that newscaster clearly people jumped sirhan sirhan in in sounds to me like they grabbed the gun from him so i don't understand it appeared though they grabbed the gun after the second shot so it was a six shot revolver you know the first two shots were the aim shots and the rest of them you know his hand was pinned against the steam table in the kitchen and i think those shots white wild but also there's been some some acoustic an acoustic study you know a few years ago they concluded that there may have been as many as thirteen shots that were fired that evening and if you know tour aimed you know six went wild that's eight there's still five shots that are unaccounted for and obviously one of them could have been the shot that was removed from president from from senator kennedy apparently sirhan sirhan wrote a manifesto i talked about this day of june fifth nineteen sixty eight that kennedy had the die and it was to tie itself into the war of nineteen sixty seven between israel egypt jordan syria yeah i mean obviously he was he was politically motivated he was a palestinian by birth and you know kennedy support of israel obviously caused him you know some consternation but the but i mean kennedy's support of israel wasn't that well known until after the assassination so i kind of questioned whether that was a suitable motivation and of course they're all kinds of stories even some of those coming from sirhan sirhan of mind control he was looking for the woman the polka dot dress etcetera etcetera but as we saw on the news this weekend in that case in in denver where the off duty fbi agent was kinda cutting the rug on the dance florida nightclub did a backflip has gone fell out he picked up the gun and the weapon accidentally discharged i think.

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