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A day from everett's paine field in those plans could have a negative impact on another northwest airport years comas cohen hate to explain alaska's says it will fly passengers out of paine field two eight western cities including five in california alaska vice president john kirby explains the choice of destinations we looked at are frequent travellers that live closer to paine field in the seatac we looked at where they flew now the port of bellingham as saying the impact of alaska's plans will be felt at bill hemi international airport that airport draws at least some of its traffic from snohomish county flyers who would rather not go to seatac the bellingham airports director of aviation tells the everett herald the new offerings at paine could result in a five percent drop in traffic out of bellingham the port of billing and says this would be on top of a nearly eleven percent decline in traffic in 2017 compared to the year before the port blaine some of that decline on the weak canadian dollar corwin hake komo news washington's esa education plan is getting the betsy devos seal of approval these seattle times reports the us secretary of education says devoss has approved washington's plan for how it will meet the requirements of the every student succeeds act in andrews released a vasco zi state a plan a foundation upon which washington can improve education for its students edmonds police lucky for the man who attacked a jogger on a busy street in edmonds yesterday morning comost tammy mataafa spoke to the victim sacchi goslett cast never thought a ryan she does every day what turned into a fight for her life shaking i starving sake i definitely felt like i had a lot more fight any than i realized she was on her last lap on but joined way we she felt someone come up behind her fast than grabber shoulders before she knew it she hit the ground in was fighting off a man trying to get on top of her at that point i was screaming and kenneth kicking the attacker ran away jackie ran to a neighbor's house for held with a feeling she escaped grave danger a court room was packed yesterday when a teenager was sentenced for a fatal hit and run accident the victim's mother was not happy with.

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