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Its absence it's been one of the hardest parts of life under lockdown it would be nice to be able to go out and hang out with someone and hold their hands you know something as simple as that we've also missed going to the movies and South Korea and they come up with a few work arounds at this no contact theatre the ticket takers are two roving robots the snack bar is automated two and Richard Branson and his virgin empire of business that grew in tandem with a high flying charismatic risk taker the problem is he sixty nine now is looking to start jumping up and balloons and going around the world and for a business built around tourism Francis empire is now in trouble I'm Marco Werman those stories and more today on the world I'm stood Macintosh with the BBC news hello the United States treasury has said it will borrow a record three trillion dollars between April and June in order to cope with the economic fallout from the coronavirus this huge increase in borrowing is needed to fund the government's pandemic relief program for individuals and businesses Barbara Plett usher reports this is an extraordinary sum two point nine nine nine trillion dollars it's way more than the debt issued in most years and it's a stark demonstration of how quickly the government's financial situation has changed three months ago before the virus caused widespread shutdowns treasury was projecting that it would be able to pay down fifty six billion dollars in debt during this quarter there was no hints that instead it would have to borrow trillions more the huge amount is needed to pay for programs to protect workers and businesses and to cover a shortfall in revenue because the trump administration delayed the deadline for tax payments from April to July figures just released show that the British government is not paying the wages of nearly a quarter of the whole country's work fulls this is part of the fun learning scheme under which the government is funding most of the salaries of workers forced to stay home because of the pandemic the BBC economics editor says the number of people involved has raised concerns about the sustainability of the program an online somebody almost to forty countries as pledged more than eight billion dollars towards developing a corona virus vaccine the nations will also fund research into the diagnosis and treatment of the disease the host the E. U. commission president Ursula von der Leyen said the money would help kickstart unpresidential co will control calibration the world health organisation has urged people not to put their faith in local untested remedies for coronavirus are Africa editor will Ross reports traditional medicine often based on locally available plants plays an important role in health care right across the African continent the World Health Organization acknowledges this but it adds a strong warning at a time when everyone the world over would like a kia for the coronavirus the W. H. O. says it's critical to potential treatments the first tested with rigorous clinical trials and warns that people may be given a full sense of security if they put their faith in untested remedies it's a message that's being ignored by some African leaders the presidents of Tanzania the Republic of Congo Guinea Bissau equatorial Guinea of all decided to send planes to Madagascar to stock up on a herbal tonic based on the Artemisia plant Indian police have fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of migrant workers during clashes in the western state of Gujarat the neighbors who've been stranded in the city of Surat since the national lockdown was imposed in March took to the streets to demand they be allowed to return to their home states you're listening to the latest world news coming to you from the BBC live from KQED news I mean it came state energy officials said today the volume of crude oil processed at California refineries recently fell to its lowest point in the last forty years has the pandemic dramatically cuts demand for fuel KQED's Ted Goldberg reports the California energy commission says the state's refineries process seven point five million barrels of oil during the week that ended April twenty fourth that's a thirty five percent decrease over the last five weeks and the lowest amount since nineteen eighty one all of California's oil refineries have cut production since late March marathon petroleum went the furthest shutting down its refinery in Martinez last week that's because Californians have been flying and driving less gasoline prices have hit their lowest point since the end of twenty sixteen but according to triple lay those drops are slowing and energy experts say gasoline demand may be starting to rise I'm Ted Goldberg KQED news hundreds of business leaders in California's solar energy sector say they've had to lay off staff or put projects on hold because of the corona virus crisis a survey by the California solar and storage association found more than fifteen thousand workers have been laid off or furloughed the association's association's executive director Bernadette del chiaro says revisions to bay area shelter in place rules are hoping to get some people back to work as early as today the more that we can work with a local governments in the area get our companies back to work.

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