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That's a whole other one. All right. So Tyler, this is such a great book, by the way, I encourage everybody to run out and buy it. And if you know Tyler, if you know his writing, I mean, he's done stuff on some of the grittiest players in the NFL, Richie and cognito, like the full backs of the world, the NFL's like toughness underbelly. I feel like he's like a doctoral student on. So I would say if there's ever a perfect marriage of subject and subject matter, it's this book, but we're gonna throw some tight ends at Utah, 'cause this is what this book is all about and you gotta tell us some of the coolest shit about these guys. That's what we wanna hear. You get me, Connor. You get my football soul. Not upset it better myself. Thank you so much. You're right, throwing, throwing the bush lattes back with Andy janovich or, you know, we went to your boy, Wyatt teller's whisky bar, go along, so it just seemed right. The tight end, you gotta do it all. It's the purity of the sport. It's but we love about football. So this cross country to hanging out with dicka and the whole gang man. It's been a hell of a ride. So thank you. Let's let it riff, man. I'm ready when you are. Connor, do you want to go first? We're just gonna, so what we're gonna do, we're just gonna throw out tight on names. Maybe in the book, maybe not. And you'll just have to give us, you gotta give us something. We said in the pre show, anecdote is great, but if you wanna give us like the second best anecdote so that people will go read the book for the best anecdote. You can do that too. I like it. I'll try to think on my feet. So it's good to know it's not like rapid fire. There's not a shot clock. So if something comes to mind, or is it, you wanna go in and see? You tell me. Okay. This is gonna say, Gary might throw the Chappelle show wrap it up box on here, on you. I don't know. I'm gonna go out of here. What are those Gary? Because I'm gonna go out of order because one of these, one of these players is very near and dear to my heart. And I actually got my second kiss wearing the Jersey of this person. Isn't that wild? Wow. I remember. That is. All right. It's worth this Jersey at your wedding too. Not where anyone can see it. So all right, and I read there's an excerpt of this in the New York Post too, which is really great, but Jeremy shockey is the guy to me that I think people of a certain age just associate. I mean, there was that great. Remember the Sports Illustrated article about him where he was doing crunches in his room and vomiting and like he's just like a complete and total wackadoo, but what can you tell me about Jeremy shocky because I just love the idea that you can go to a bar one day and there's Jeremy shockey, like and he's just hanging out and looking terrifying. If you're gonna talk to Jeremy shockey for a book on the great American tight end, you better do it at yard house down in Miami Beach. His bar, his territory, you know, throwing a drink or two or three back and just hearing. All the crazy stuff. I mean, I don't know where you would even begin. I mean, we could talk about bar fights, you know, as a high school senior, a dude throws a bottle at him. He kind of reenacted the whole scene when we were talking. He just ducked his head and the bottle wizz over his head and he avoided it like the matrix. And he said the guy came after him next and then Jeremy shockey just beat the ever loving piss out of this guy. I mean, he's in high school still. This guy's older than him and Jerry's reenacted it. Like one shot, boom, broke his face. And if I remember correctly, his victim to get his face fixed to get medical care and the nurse who greeted him was actually Jeremy shaky's mom. So she's like covering up her name so that I wouldn't connect. So I said, he couldn't believe that I've never been in a fight. Like that's how we started the conference. You've ever been in a fight. He was just incredulous. How could you never have gotten into a fight? But he's still at it, you know, not necessarily in the states because of litigation and whatnot. But down in Brazil, his presence is known. He's a world traveler. I feel like Jeremy shock, what people should really take is he lived hard, he partied hard. I mean, he just lived like there was no tomorrow and I think that those I mean at the U from the U to the Giants, sure. You know, when he's getting into fights with Ed Reed, he's bringing the swag back. Like it was contagious. He really was at the at the eye of the storm kind of bringing that program back. And everybody loved him for it. The coaches loved it when he just stirred up and get into these fights. Same thing with the Giants. Jim fossil loved it. I mean, day one, training camp practice one after he ends his holdout, him and Brandon shore are just rolling around the cafeteria in front of make a wish kids there to just be beating each other up. He doesn't want to go through the elementary, like rookie hazing, where you have to recite your fight song and say you're signing bonus. He didn't have enough energy for shorts liking and called him be short and that was one too many B shorts so they went at it and I think that that's there's a lot of similarities by the way not to get off track between like Mike Ditka and Jeremy shaki where they both had to kind of draw the line in the sand like this is how far I'll go. Like I'm at the top of the food chain don't mess with me. I'm seeking vengeance if you do take a cheap shot at me or any of my teammates. It's very primitive. And lo and behold, there's a kid here in Buffalo Rob Gronkowski, who's looking up to Jeremy shockey. And basically kind of took this model, you know, shoved it into a cannon, lit the fuse and became the greatest tight end ever, but I just feel like what kind of gets lost and people will figure it out when they read that chapter in the blood and guts. Yeah, he partied hard. He hooked up with a lot of girls. Didn't really, you know, no girlfriends and you're probably not staying for breakfast because he's got things to do. He's got to work out. He's not getting tied down. He said, he said, there's a lot of teammates, you know, talking about all their girl problems and cheating on their wives and creating all this drama. He didn't want any of that. And that's the thing with him. I think we kind of misconstrued it shocking as this party animal who was like unhinged. No, he wasn't tied down. He worked his ass off in a million ways if he did drink if he did go out. He'd almost feel guilty about it and wake up and do, you know, 70 push ups or sit ups or whatever. So I think that, you know, that live like there's no tomorrow but play like there's no tomorrow aspect to Jeremy shocky is what people find really fascinating. You know what's crazy is Gronk did the same thing. Like after he went out with his brothers or did something crazy the night before, the next morning he's doing P 90 X insanity workout. Like they've got like this thing in their brain where they feel guilty almost for having a good time and I think that's kind of what makes some of the greats. Like there's probably a lot of guys that didn't have that aspect. They partied hard, but they didn't really have that shred of guilt. Like, oh my God, okay, now I gotta run through a wall the next day. By the way, that make a wish is awesome. That's the best part. I want to go to the Giants facility that I want to see a brawl while I'm there. I was gonna say, if I delivered, if make a wish came to me, I'd be like, yeah, I want to see like, you know, it's like, okay, cute, you want to go to eagles practice. It's like, no, I want to see Nick Siri and Shane steichen fight each other in the practice feeling or something like that. Like I want to see something totally wild. All right, Gary, you get a tight end now. Well, I'm gonna, I'm gonna fly right by Gronk. Maybe we'll get to Gronk later. I'm gonna ask about toning Gonzalez who I think in a lot of people's minds, especially with his career on TV now, is probably a little more of a, you know, you'd say polished, maybe mainstream appeal to him. That's

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