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The back the fall events, with, Venus thing it's. Tuesday it's August the fourteenth another muggy one today and tomorrow this morning fog will burn off turn to a partly sunny hazy. Muggy day, with a. Chance of scattered, thunderstorms throughout with a high of eighty four degrees tomorrow same. Deal muggy sunshine high eighty Eighty eight and write down a. Seventy four seventy four degrees Dow Jones industrials big dip yesterday down one hundred and twenty five points Patricia, Morgan put out a statement yesterday. Me see she says today Republican gubernatorial candidate in house minority leader Patricia Morgan announced the beginning of a series of videos that are, entitled no wonder Ellen fund won't debate now, in, the statement she says Allan Fung refuses to debate, me because there are many, questions they would, rather not answer is record is. Full of. Actions that are inconsistent. With the, image that he's attempting to sell, to the voters strategies clearly to leave voters in the dark and we have Patricia Morgan on with us last week on Thursday and then Allan Fung. Was on with, us, on Friday And, I asked, Patricia Morgan if she was disappointed that she wasn't going to. Get at, least one televised debate. You know me I. Think all three TV's should have primary debates for both parties love to see it Matt Brown Gina Raimondo go at it on television love to see Allan Fung Jew for ocean Patricia Morgan go at it too but the democracy she says requires informed voters. Not just glitzy ads and political strategy designed by out of state. Consultants requires candidates to debate in a variety of forms So she said since Allan Fung wants to, hide instead of debate we're taking. This opportunity, to let Rhode Islanders Nova things Allan Fung doesn't want them to learn so she's released this series. Of videos up on social media it's got, to be frustrating you know for for a candidate Patricia Morgan also g, ferocious you know, they, got to get, their names out there that need name recognition and it's a short throw very short throw until the primary election but then again you can look at. The strategy that Allan Fung Gina Raimondo seemed, to be towing which is. I got sizeable lead you know the only thing I've been doing debate a debate. Is stepping it, up to my ankle police officers accused of going easy on little cheese sister Eric Halpern. From eyewitness. News has more happened Friday night on a show live PD officer memorized spotted a, car driving, a radically on the. Ramp from ninety five south, to route four. Then pulled the. Driver over on route four near the Warwick East Greenwich line the officer in my opinion handled himself professionally And, we're not going to charge somebody okay when she passes the field sobriety test the driver turned out. To be Susan Sicily Vuono congressman David Cecil, sister she's also president of the near against the town council in the, episode she struggles, through, the field sobriety, tests asked to follow the officers finger according to war police chief Colonel Stephen McCartney she admits to having to Drake's that night but she ends up. Passing the tests ultimately she, did it correctly He had to emphasize it a couple of times he says nerves. From the camera crew could be to blame for her having a difficult time eventually she's allowed to have a relative drive her home. Critics on social media are saying her situation was handled leniently because of, her brother being congressman he had no. Knowledge of any, political connection okay that only came after the fact in part of a statement. Sent to the. Providence Journal cellini Vuono wrote I realized that people understandably hold elected officials and educators to higher standards so I just want to emphasize that the Warwick, police allowed, me to leave that evening because I was not impaired in any way and I also tried to. Reach. Sicily an nano by Email, and phone, but never heard back during the show, the. Officer says, he's, been on. The job for twelve years in is a drug recognition expert in his. Opinion she was having a..

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