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Underway at runs through saturday at old hunt middle school coming up next we'll tell you what the answer was to our morning trivia contest and more importantly who the winner is that we're sending to victoria hey is it finally time for a new roof i love eko homes recycled rubber roof made right here in the northwest and you will too eco home service is a great family owned business they've been around for more than two decades nothing and no one can compete with their rubber roof it's not your typical asphalt roof that only lasts about fifteen years it will last twice that long it'll be the last roof you ever need and you're going to save money on your heating and cooling bills komo listeners love eko homes rubber shingle roof kathy for example says love their rubber roof really hardworking crew who are really respectful and left my yard cleaner than when they got their one hundred percent satisfied with their work in speed now's a great time to call eco home to they're having their komo's summer special for their popular rubber roof no interest no payments until two thousand twenty fifty percent off installation now's the time to call the energy solution experts take advantage of the komo's summer specially no interest no payments until two thousand twenty fifty percent off insulation the number the number to call is one eight six six eco home or check out their website eco home service dot com that's e c o home service dot com before we get to our sports update let's settle the business here of did you hear our daily news trivia contest here all of the question again it was twenty one percent of adults surveyed say they will seek out a tour attraction this summer just for this reason what's the reason bother their children well that may do it to anyone anyone i have nothing good restrooms could guess providence is a hard one i thought the answer was to take selfies with their pets i'll come on right really jonathan terry of olympia got the answer right jonathan you get that clipper vacations round trip cruise for two charming victoria b._c. really your chance to win it's did you hear every weekday.

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