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John this is the John Nash December seventh nineteen forty one it was understood as a sneak attack by the imperial Japanese navy against the American fleet to destroy the American fleet at Pearl it was understood as an air raid in error attack launch from could have a tie the our main aircraft carriers for the imperial Japanese fleet however present that day was the sixth fleet of the imperial Japanese navy what is the sixth fleet that is at the center of the conversation in a new book an exciting new book about what you didn't know about the Japanese attempt to destroy the American navy and also to terrify the American public in the during the war forty one to forty five it is operation storm John Hagen is the author Japan's top secret submarines and its plan to change the course of World War two John a very good evening to you thank you for this and the sixth fleet at Pearl Harbor what was its mission what did it want to do and how did it want to contribute to the American a to the attack on the American fleet good evening to you what a six point of course it was the Japanese a Japanese navy submarine force and they were around the island of Oahu in full force on December seventh nineteen forty one young apple Yamamoto who was the architect of Japan's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor wanted his submarine force deployed around a lot because he wanted them to basically be cleanup batters he wanted them to mop up the remnants of any U. S. Pacific Fleet war ships that were not sunk in the initial air raid young model expected that didn't the number ships might escape might flee Pearl Harbor and he wanted to sexually submarines ready and waiting to sink them as.

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